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Do you comment on manga on this site and when?

Do you comment on manga on this site?
Yes, one of my favourite features here.
No, it's too troublesome to do.
Maybe, it depends on the series.
Huh?!? You can do that here!?!
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10:18 pm, Jan 20 2009
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I have searched the forums and didn't find anything like this, so i want to get people's opinion on this, "Do you comment on manga on this site and when?"

As for me, i really like this feature so that i can tell everyone what i think about a particular manga that i'm reading or what i have read. As for when, i pretty much do this when i completed the manga and not when the manga is in progress, it's too irresponsible to comment when it's in progress because your comment can depend on if someone decides to read a manga or not, it's my opinion anyway smile .

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10:34 pm, Jan 20 2009
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I do, and the situation varies, I read the comments first and if there is a comment that pretty much tells everything I wanted to say I don't. Usually I do comment after reading just the first or first couple chapters if the manga left a strong impresion on me, or I consider it interesting enough. I don't comment on completed series, because there are a lot of comments already and I'm kind of lazy laugh

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Crazy Cat Lady

11:01 pm, Jan 20 2009
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I do sometimes, if I feel strongly enough about a manga *and* feel that I have something more significant than "me too" to add. eyes

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11:38 pm, Jan 20 2009
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I try to, but I often forget to biggrin
I read people's comments though, and take them very seriously.

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2:59 am, Jan 21 2009
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I read comments and then get lazy

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3:01 am, Jan 21 2009
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Once in a while, when my opinion on the series is really strong.

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Demented Octopus

3:34 am, Jan 21 2009
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Aside from on Hentai and oneshots, I'll always leave a comment upon completion of a series, but never before that. I don't like stating my opinion until I'm sure of it. I don't even rate series until I'm at at least the third volume.

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The Coolest

3:49 am, Jan 21 2009
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i do sometimes...but first i read comments on mangas tht i think are interesting and see wat others think bout it...and if its good ill read it or i might jus read it if i jus like it but its always good to hav second opinion i think. i do on series i like and hav read but not all of them cuz i get bored lol

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Yaoi Drug O Choice

4:57 am, Jan 21 2009
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Oh, definitely! Yeah most my comments are under yaoi genre but i try. I haven't had much time to catch up my completed list comments but my goal is to at least say a little something on all of them. In general it has really been helpful for me when others have commented on obscure manga that I see as potentials, really tips the scale for me on whether to waste my time or not.

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The Gorilla Killa™

5:33 am, Jan 21 2009
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I only comment on the manga I find horrible because I want to warn all the users who haven't read them to not waste their time with them. (Read my Rosario + Vampire comment whenever you're bored one day laugh )

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6:06 am, Jan 21 2009
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I do when i have the mood or when i really moved up with the series.

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Mad With a Hat

10:39 am, Jan 21 2009
Posts: 4764

Yeah, I comment. It can help others, so I comment. It's also pleasing to show appreciation to a good manga. Or sometimes if it's horrible, to warn others from it.
Some manga are just plain smut/no art/no story so I usually don't bother with those. I only rate them.

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12:00 pm, Jan 21 2009
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I vote on the "maybe ..."
Actually it doesn't depends on the manga, it more depends on my mood bigrazz If I'm in the right mood and not busy, I'll definitely leave a comment whether the manga is good or bad..but lately I haven't commented on a manga *sniff* ah, it's been such a long time..
and if the manga I really like and have people saying bad things about it, I'll definitely write a comment, never mind my mood roll eyes

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3:17 pm, Jan 21 2009
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Meh, I comment sometimes, but my opinion usually has been said already. The Hentai series deserve some more love though. laugh

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3:58 pm, Jan 21 2009
Posts: 103

I'll only do it if I'm in the mood and if its a good series. Half the time I can't be bothered to do it,though.

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