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Are bleach fans a dying breed ?

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10:20 am, Mar 10 2012
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I suppose I am still a fan of Bleach, but at this point, I'm just following it to see how it will end.
The only thing I'm getting sick of is the constant cycle of Ichigo gaining and regaining his powers.
I do look forward to the new arc that is being presented in the manga, and since it is the last arc, I hope that Bleach is able to go out with a bang.

For those that were wondering about the Espada such as Nel, Grimmjow, and Harribel, during the three week break, Kubo revealed some information about them. If you'd like to know what he said, here's a brief summary of it below.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Kubo said that it is very likely for Grimmjow and Nel to return to the series, but as for Harribel, he is unsure as to whether he will bring her back or not (he is not sure if Harribel would leave Hueco Mundo to join our lovely protagonists, she is not dead). If they do come back though, he said it was likely that they would reappear as "friends".

Or you can just Google "kubo espada alive chart", or something along those lines.

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3:46 pm, Mar 21 2012
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idk what you people are talking about? This manga just got to the part i was waiting for this whole time.. SS king and who ichigo's dad really is.. i mean he had to get that clear before ending the manga.. and Aizen is not dead as far as i know.. I dont think the manga should run for another 10 years but i do think it has atleast 6 months or more time to it.. there are so many things that has not explanation what so ever eyes

Post #551158 - Reply to (#541295) by RamonE15
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6:14 pm, May 15 2012
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I totally agree I have so many questions about that show that hasn't been answered

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Post #551165 - Reply to (#527794) by Chaoswind
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7:07 pm, May 15 2012
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Quote from Chaoswind
What are both of you talking about? Bleach ended when Gin "betrayed" Aizen and killed him...

You must be talking about some terrible fan fic.

Tbh, I was pretty sad when Gin died. He was one of my favorite characters (after Yachiru, who I still want to see fight).

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7:44 pm, May 15 2012
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I honestly thought it should have ended with Aizen, but now that it's been brought up; there is quite some loose ends. I'm still unsure about where it's going, but it might not be bad for it to continue.


6:36 pm, May 21 2012
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Still, though - I think we should all light a candle, raise a glass, and pour one out for the Soul Society arc.

The Soul Society arc, everyone. Back when Bleach was awesome.


7:06 pm, May 21 2012
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i used to be a bleach fan, until i took a new season to the knee

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7:35 pm, May 21 2012
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I've been a Bleach fan ever since I found it which is like...a long time ago~
It has it's ups and downs and there are some points which I just sigh and complain sometimes to my friends about it but I stick to it because I rarely abandon a manga when I'm already 50 chapters in.


8:36 pm, May 21 2012
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Im still a big fan of bleach. I have a habit of rereading random arcs quarterly throughout the year. I didnt like the fullbringer arc, but if there was more content in it and if Kubo did less to make it dramatic, I think it would of been better. They didnt explain anything and who did Ginjo actually kill and why? What did the Soul Society specifically do to him? What was the connection between Ginjo and Tsukishima? What was Ginjo trying to achieve? There was no way he could get revenge on the Soul Society with that small and weak team(Xcution). Too many plot holes in the Fullbringer arc.

Honestly, I enjoy bleach and I believe it still could reach the quality it had in the past. But too much recycling of characters and it seems forced, they are not naturally integrated back into the story. Harribel and her Fraccion was killed, its stupid to act like its just a misunderstanding and bring them back to life. At the very least, Harribel was defeated by Aizen and her Fraccion by the Captain Commander, both Soul Reapers at the time, they should have been purified and be in Soul Society. Unless the Arrancars are an exception to the purification process because of their evolution. If thats the case then all the Espada were killed by Soul Reapers, with the exception of Ulquiorra who was killed by Hollow Ichigo and Yami who didnt die so they should all be in Hueco Mundo.

Also, the antagonist that were killed or defeated dont need to come back, a lot of my friends talk about how they want Grimmjow to come back. He was defeated, it doesnt matter what he's been up to, he's not a main character, its not a plot hole cause they didnt explain his aftermath, he's irrelevant now. But I wouldnt mind seeing him again.

Still a good series, but they need something new and original to increase the quality and some depth to smooth over the plot holes.

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8:43 pm, May 21 2012
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Maximum of us are reading Bleach just to see its ending......
I wonder if Kubo will show anything other than training of Ichigo and his pals...
Lost Shinigami Arc was full of training and nothing else.
As for as current arc,Ichigo is fighting a quincy from last 5-6 chapters and getting his ass kicked and then at the ending moment he will go 'Bankai' and defeat the quincy. And as usual quincy would say -'IMPOSSIBLE.'

Kubo should really think something creative other than training and stretched fight in which Ichigo looses till the last moment and then he defeat the enemy.

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Post #552200 - Reply to (#527861) by movingstone
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8:45 pm, May 21 2012
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Quote from movingstone
Bleach has no depth.


No matter how cool a fight is, it's meaningless without a reason behind it. Character development and a dynamic world are both absent in Bleach.

Post #552204 - Reply to (#527865) by laxarus

9:06 pm, May 21 2012
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Quote from laxarus
The reason i got bored of bleach is that:

Nobody dies in bleach.

They got cut, they blew up each other, they bled to death.

BUUUUUT nobody other than some bad guys died. Though it s a manga, it should take a reality approach since things seems so absurd. And there r those boring fillers in the an ...

i agree

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9:10 pm, May 21 2012
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The thing with Bleach is that it had so much potential to be the best manga ever created, but because of the slow pace, and the meaningless conversations.... it started to lack elegance.

Like the arc about Ichigo getting back his powers....the story just drags.
We didn't need new characters. They were all just scraps of paper that were just meant to be thrown away when he fully had his powers.

Like this new Quincy drama - we all know that Ichigo will save the day.
Weren't they all supposed to be dead? It's just retarded. Adding more oil to the fire will not stop the fire.

But even though Bleach seems like a drag. His father having shinigami powers, and Ichigo not asking any questions - this turns fans off. Because we all know that if we were in Ichigo's position we wouldn't be so humble as to not interrogate some people to get some answers. Plus, the author has allot of females who can potentially become a harem for Ichigo and create new excitement for manga readers but nooooo it wouldn't work because Ichigo isn't a Normal teenager that would be to humble to be interested or notice at all.

Bleach fans are dying because Ichigo doesn't act like a real teenager. He asks like a protector with the mindset of justice all the time - when all he does in the human world is beat up some delinquents and walking around getting all grumpy at his friends for amusement pleasure.

I'm sick of talking about this manga. sheesh. dead

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7:27 am, May 23 2012
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Quote from StaticHD
His father having shinigami powers, and Ichigo not asking any questions - this turns fans off...
Ichigo isn't a Normal teenager that would be to humble to be interested or notice at all...
Bleach fans are dying because Ichigo doesn't act like a real teenager.

Yeah ^
I agree with you and all the other previous people I'm too lazy to quote.

But don't get me wrong, I still I LOVE Bleach, having followed it for half my life...
It's just that it gets boring sometimes...
Like an old married couple love of some sort?

I only followed the anime though since I fell back in following the manga. =_=

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Post #552375 - Reply to (#551165) by Syphilis
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8:04 am, May 23 2012
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Quote from Syphilis
Tbh, I was pretty sad when Gin died. He was one of my favorite characters (after Yachiru, who I still want to see fight).

Yea i find it odd that a character like Gin got so little time in the manga/anime while someone like Tousen, Komamura and the lieutenant with the tattoo all get more time, they are all boring and dull in my opinion. Gin was a unique character that really interested me, however Kubo gave us very little Gin time and whacked him off as quick as his overall time in the manga.

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