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Phone app suggestions?

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5:39 am, Apr 1 2022
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Hello everyone,

Today I am looking for game apps I can download in my phone so my kidos could have something interesting/fun but that it helps them academically speaking.

For example, I have a son in the 11th grade, he is advanced in math, so I have been looking for a calculus tutor near me with no luck so he can have help with his AP courses and examinations (which he will present next year).
We found this StudyPug website which is something like an online calculus tutor, it's a good app on the phone where they can see video lessons and has some interactive features like problems and such... but I would like to complement this with a more fun way... so is there any game out there which could help students in such subjects?

I would be interested in anything math or physics related.

Any recommendation?

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