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King's Maker/Triple Crown genres

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5:30 pm, Apr 1 2024
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Since King's Maker: Triple Crown has it's own entry now, the genres for King's Maker need to be updated. Due to genre complications introduced by Triple Crown, that section is locked.
With Triple Crown no longer being represented on King's Maker page, the genres "Yaoi" and "Shoujo Ai" should be removed. There is no mature version of King's Maker and there is no f/f romance.
-- Can an admin please make that change?

For Triple Crown, the controversy over the Shoujo Ai genre is because Kakao added shoujo ai to the series with the second season. Why are people disagreeing with that being added as a genre to the series here? Probably because of how much shoujo-ai is actually present.

Season 1: In maybe ~3 chapters over the season, there are 2 minor side characters that appear in a workplace context. The "blink and you miss it" type of presence.
Season 2: 5 Chapters of "Surprise we're a couple!" where they get married and share their history. After, they only show up maybe ~3 more times, and only in a workplace context.
Season 3: They show up in the beginning maybe twice, in a workplace context, and then are never mentioned or heard from again.

- The wedding in S2 was used to help the ML confront his anxiety over his own workplace/same sex relationship.
- Although Kakao thinks that 5 chapters actual f/f romantic representation is enough to call the entire series shoujo-ai, many users here think otherwise.

I'm unaware of any other platforms that also added shoujo-ai.

Personally, if Kakao hadn't added the shoujo-ai genre, I don't think users here would be trying to add it because it doesn't have a huge presence. It's worth a category tag at best.

Anyway-- due to all that, I ask an admin to please make a decision to add shoujo-ai or not, and then lock the genre section of Triple Crown so that we can prevent what happened previously on King's Maker.

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7:06 pm, Apr 1 2024
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All dealt with

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