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Main character is some kind of knight/swordsman

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12:46 pm, Jul 9 2024
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At somes point he goes somewhere and a girl (which is a knight and princess too iirc... *NOT SURE) was right behind him...
He meet a old man (which is a knight too) and the old man start teaching him stuff... they were living right next to a castle.. and the old man was actually the "lord" of that castle but got corrupted and hes son was actually the being living there (demon/monster)
He and the old man went to clear that castle of demon.... and then the girl got there right after... but the mc wanted to remain "unknown" to the girl so the old man didnt tell the girl that the mc was passing there...

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2:12 am, Jul 10 2024
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5:26 am, Jul 10 2024
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Yes its that one thank you!!!

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