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Your paranormal experiences

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8:10 pm, Jun 8 2018
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I'm curious. I like ghost stories, so I've been thinking, have you had any paranormal experiences?
Here are some of mine:

1) I worked at a store where I was the assistant manager. 1night as we were closing my coworker went out to throw the trash. I bent down for some reason and as I was coming up I saw a flash of gray from the corner of my eye. I thought my coworker was back, but when I straightened myself I realized he was not back yet.
2) Another time another coworker and I were closing and out of nowhere the heavy cast iron pans we had hanging started swinging. We walked out of the store and locked up and stood outside the window for like 5 min. And the pans were still swinging.
3) Same store, this time I was opening. I was by myself when I heard something fall. I thought "I'll pick it up when I go to the back office" when I went to the back office there was nothing on the floor.
In general there were some mornings when I felt an oppressive feeling when i opened.

I've asked fellow managers and they all had some kind of paranormal experience in that store.
One girl went to the bathroom and when she open the door her path had been blocked by boxes.
Another time the guy that was opening heard someone call his name.
There was another time when some other pans starting swaying for no apparent reason and another time when some plastic containers fell, but when I went to shake the cart they were on, none fell.

I have a few more stories, but I want to read some of yours

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10:39 pm, Jun 11 2018
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I had a dream of my grandpa saying bye to me, and he died shortly after. He lives in Vietnam and I don't keep contact with him. He died on my b-day.

I had a dream of my best friend's grandfather passing. In the dream, her house was on fire. Her other childhood friend had a dream about the house on fire as well. I texted her that morning, and her grandfather passed away.

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9:10 pm, Jun 14 2018
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I've never had anything happen to me. But my mom told me one time, when she was a young girl still in Vietnam, she was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and felt something tugging at her feet. I have a couple friends who have experienced something at one university in my state that's supposedly haunted, like seeing a figure out of a window on a higher-up floor, bathroom lights flickering on when no one is there, and some other things that I can't remember.

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3:30 pm, Feb 5 2019
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My door opened by itself and nobody was there. Also, I've felt someone tap me on my shoulder before. I thought it was my mom waking me up but nobody had even entered my room. I've also had extremely vivid dreams of loved ones who have passed on and I have woken up in tears because I didn't want to leave them and the dream.


12:20 pm, Feb 6 2019
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Hmm this is almost silly but it really did happen. One night I went to my parent's bedroom to discuss something. My dad was on his computer, and my mom was reading on the bed, and it seemed like a good time to bring it up my allowance and so I shut the door behind me so we could have some privacy.

As soon as I began to talk, all three of us heard a knock on the bedroom door. I said "Come in", but no one came in, and I opened the door to find no one standing there. I went to my room next door and asked my sister if she wanted to ask my parents something and she said she hadn't moved from her laptop in her bed.

I went back to my parents' room and we all had a good laugh about it lol 😅.

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10:41 am, Feb 7 2019
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We do this thing where we "burn the witches" once a year(make a bonfire(and a "witch" out of old clothes),grill meat,invite friends and stuff) and we take a lot of pictures. One of the pictures had this thick smoke figure with an old womans face in the background. Yeah, we didnt "burn the witches" the year after that 🤣


7:54 pm, Jun 9 2021
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Once saw a face of a middle aged man in my room, couldn't sleep for the rest of the night

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8:52 pm, Apr 5 2022
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I am a nurse and went to work on a Friday the 13th for my evening shift. That night was going to be a full moon, and a lunar eclipse that would make the moon appear blood red. The last coincidence is that my patient's hospital number ended in 666, and was in a room ending with 13.
That same patient would end up having a cardiac arrest later in my shift.
While he lived through the event, a bunch of us on the floor were just about ready to call for any sort of purification ritual on the floor. The next day, I wore a charm for luck and thankfully nothing else happened. I never really believed in superstitions until this day!


12:15 am, Apr 6 2022
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At work at night when no one is around the back door to the office will open and no one will ever be there. These are internal, locked doors.

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