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New Poll - Single Government

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3:50 am, Oct 26 2020
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It doesn't matter. If everyone was truly self-aware, then yeah, we'd have a shot of unification and global peace, because people would have a far greater understanding of themselves and of others, but very few are, and that won't change.

The only way an "utopia" can exist is if we control people or their emotions, but that's no way to live life. And hiveminds, e.g. internet-narcissists, 4chan, incels are specifically created by people that *suck* at life and are trying to escape reality.

There's a reason why the alt-right and the cancel-culture wokes are fundamentally far more similar than they're different, even though they're polar opposites on the *surface level* and that reason isn't going to magically disappear with robots doing our work for us or because we created cold fusion. Just because our reality changes, doesn't mean that these people will ever accept it in the first place.

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10:20 am, Oct 27 2020
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Never. I would stop it or die trying

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1:02 pm, Oct 27 2020
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None of those has the power of taxation. Thus not a world government. For many definitions of governments they fail as well. They are cooperatives of governments to make parts of their work more efficient by centralising it.

Personal opinion. They all succeeded. Not as much as we wish they had but they helped us towards their core goals. Nato is probably the worst one among those in my opinion but that still has a net positive effect.

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