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Getting kinda sick of the bait and switch

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7:25 pm, Jan 24 2015
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It's getting to the point where it seems like each chapter is actually just two half chapters where the first half is the last half of the previous chapter and the second half is the first half of the next chapter.

Take chapter 21 for example (the most recent as of writing this post):
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Chapter 20 ends with Rui sitting with Natsuo on his bed, like something major is about to happen, then Chapter 21 starts, they kiss and the Rui just ****ing walks away.

I get that the author wants to leave the reader hanging so they'll come back for the next chapter, but it's so incredibly frustrating to build up to a cliff hanger only for it to peter out with what essentially amounts to the characters saying "Okay, that's a thing that happened, whatever, move on."

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12:43 am, Jan 25 2015
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I'll just add...
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the MC is simply absurd. He's like a blushing d*** on legs and it gets proved with every new chapter. Now the club girl?! Just like that...

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