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Looking for a specific BL manga with a novelist

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4:10 pm, May 24 2023
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Hey there,
I’m looking for a specific Yaoi or Shounen-Ai Manga which I started several years ago but - as far as I remember - never finished reading.

The story starts with a student who literally runs into a novelist. Because of that encounter, the novelist’s arm is broken. Since he can’t write like that, he makes the student write for him even though he refuses at first.

Sadly, I cannot remember anything else. I’d guess the novelist wears glasses, but I really can’t be sure.
Maybe you can help me out?

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8:12 pm, May 24 2023
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Maybe Sakka, Dorei wo Kau ? It has a similar synopsis

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5:09 pm, May 25 2023
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Yes, that’s it! Thanks a lot! ^-^ No wonder I didn’t find it. That’s what you get for searching for “novelist” instead of “writer” >_>
Judging by the cover it’s no surprise that I didn’t finish it… :’D I’ll finish reading it anyway, though. It’s been on my mind for way too long

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