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Does Anybody Remeber?

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4:00 pm, Jun 8 2010
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Does anybody remember the title of a cartoon series (I think it ran on CN) from the early or mid 90's? The main character was a dog who ran a detective agency. His sidekick was a pig who wore a fedora. The dog, as I recall, was a low-life character whose wife was always mad at him about something. Not much to go on, I know, but its driving me nuts (or maybe more so).

Also, does anybody have any good sound clip sites?


4:06 pm, Jun 8 2010
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only things that come to mind are:

"Scruff McGruff"
"Darkwing Duck"

but don't think any of those are what ure looking 4

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4:26 pm, Jun 8 2010
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Droopy, Master Detective?

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5:05 pm, Jun 8 2010
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Yeah, scruff mcgruff was the only thing that came to mind. Although he didn't have a sidekick or a wife as far as I remember.

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6:05 pm, Jun 8 2010
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