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Berserk Continues!!!

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9:04 am, Jun 9 2022
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Berserk will continue on June 24th with Kouji Mori supervising the project

Berserk may not continue on the same, and it may not satisfy the same as if Miura were at the helm, impressing with his singular vision. Still we greatly look forward to the future of his work, as elucidated by his friends and coworkers. It makes me think of an ancient oral tradition, passed down from the mind of its creator, through word of mouth, and eventually set firm on paper. Only here the timeframe is shortened, and we have Mori and the staff of Studio Gaga and Hakusensha to thank for bringing the remainder of this tale to life.

You are loved, Kentarou Miura. Thank you for Berserk, and the world of imagination you shared with us all.

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