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Shot in the dark, lost manga

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4:25 pm, Jan 12 2022
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So taking a shot in the dark here

I'm looking for a manga about a detective(possiblly former) in a future, but run down setting. I can only vaguely remember it. He's hiding away in a tech less mechanic type garage, pretty sure he hates tech. I wanna say he has a Daisuke Jigen from lupin vibe. I swear the cover art was him with a gun and a very vibert green W symbol thing. But I may just be crazy. I do remember the very vibert green not clear it was a w 🤣. There is a heroin but I don't remember anything about her, I wanna say she was a cyborg since he hates tech but I really don't remember.

Anyone has a clue I would greatly appreciate it. Will edit if I remember any other details.


5:59 pm, Jan 12 2022
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Is it possibly Dimension W?

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7:52 pm, Jan 12 2022
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W00000t!!!!!! That's it. Thank you. You have no idea how crazy it was making me not being able to remember. Thank you!!!!

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4:43 am, Jan 21 2022
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The break dance was good

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