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Fantasy manga about an executor level 1 and stuck

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10:58 am, May 9 2022
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[m] I'm looking for manga title. It's about an executor, male, the people in this world have level, but this executor only level 1 and can't level up on his own. When dealing with higher level enemy he have to kill his entire party to get the sum of their level so he can beat this enemies.

The male main character is wearing hoodie, a big sword, and a cross on his back, I think (I completely forgot). And this manga is fantasy like, when the first time I read it it's gives some kind of "circus" vibes.

Oh yeah, when he's eliminate his party it'll appear a red Lily from the corpses. If I remember correctly, this male main character will dead by his coworker (fellow executor), but the killer can level up.

Anyone know what manga it is?? It's kinda old, I read it long time ago, but I drop it in the middle


1:15 pm, May 9 2022
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It’s called Yakushoku Distpiari

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2:29 pm, May 9 2022
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OH MY GAWD!! Yes! Yes!! This what I'm looking for!!! Thank you 😆

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