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A time-Travel Manhwa/Manhua?

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6:36 pm, Sep 20 2021
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So, I once read a Manhua/ Manhwa don't remember which one. The MC (A doctor/Surgeon) could go to future and come back when he sleeps. There is this girl who has to kill some people/Aliens(?). But he goes into future see that she is against him. Comes back do something and In future she is good with him. There was a scene where there is bad guy sister and she is sick. The MC is called and he got to know she has some disease so he comes back to Past and ask her to get an injection/Vaccine. and in future she is in better condition. So Can anyone tell me what was the name?

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Come and Go

7:33 pm, Sep 21 2021
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The plot seems interesting, but I'm sorry I also did not know what is it.

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12:57 am, Sep 22 2021
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Sounds kind of like Dreamcide but the MC isn't a surgeon (his parents are, though, kind of).

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