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About the art of manga Ah! My goddess ??

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8:40 am, Sep 21 2015
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I watched two season of anime Ah! my goddess recently, it's very good. So I intend to watch it's manga. And I have a thing to ask about the art, I can't find it myself, because I'm afraid of spoiler. If you have read the manga, please help me:
I see the art of early chapters is not good, it's ok because these chapters are drawn in 1988. So I want to ask: Is the art better in later chaps, which is drawn later ?? From which chap, it will be better ?? And in those later chap, are the art as beautiful as the anime ?
Thanks for reading smile

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11:35 am, Sep 21 2015
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The art gets better for sure. There are roughly 3 phases to it, with the final style being, IMO, even better than that of the anime. I can't remember whereabouts the changes happen though.

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5:43 pm, Sep 23 2015
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It changes around ch 50, then by ch 100 and something it finalizes into the style people are familiar with. Cant remember exact number, been years since i read it

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