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New Poll - Categories

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11:58 pm, Apr 29 2016
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This week's poll was suggested by Trimutius. The categories listed are the top 15 most agreed categories, which is why "Rape" is there... For that option in particular, if you like, you can treat it as "most important because I want to avoid it"... Let's just say there's a lot of hentai and doujinshi in the database.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: How long between releases before you forget what was happening in the story?
A couple of weeks - votes: 1487 (19.6%)
A couple of months - votes: 2546 (33.6%)
Half a year or so - votes: 1619 (21.3%)
Over a year - votes: 1023 (13.5%)
I never forget - votes: 617 (8.1%)
I only read completed series - votes: 295 (3.9%)
There were 7587 total votes.
The poll ended: April 29th 2016

For those monthly series, I often forget what happened in the previous chapter...

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3:29 am, Apr 30 2016
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Character Growth? I don´t know, none of these say much about the narrative and none are a red flag either. Tsundere should be the least appealing, i guess.
Interesting looking ones as Strong Female Lead actually lead to a bunch of crap (Female MC, no romance) and Students mean nothing without the school age attached.

2 of my inventions, Japan / Nudity, now entered the top 25. The jump from top 15 to 25 opens up the conversation to way more insanity. I said, what what, in the butt...

Dear community: Please stop giving Adapted to Anime to entries that are adaptations themselves, as manga adaptations of LNs. These are all mistakes but feel free to fill out both adapted to boxes.
You can also filter out categories while searching if if put a - directly in front of them.

So, about the rape: Hentai + Rape gave me 1033 entries. Rape - Hentai gave me 1454. Dōjinshi were included for both. Male readers are to blamed in the end but 806 of all of these are Yaoi manga bigrazz . This experiment isn´t all that scientific but still.

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3:41 am, Apr 30 2016
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Nudity. cool

Well, by extension "Strong Female Lead/Childhood Friend/s/Rape/Tsundere" often comes along with it, but that's not really it.

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4:33 am, Apr 30 2016
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I am like "wow they chose my proposal". And then I realized that I don't remember what I was going to vote for. So I had to think about it all over again. But it has to be Character Growth I suppose.

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5:06 am, Apr 30 2016
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Character Growth definitely. By it I simply tried to mean growth of mind, like putting your thoughts together and giddy up. Simply maturity of the state of mind.
As for power, skills, abilities...etc, they can come afterwards which aren't so important.

Strong Female Lead, comes 2nd, if a secondary female lead exists...whiney ones are NO GOOD. In this case also I meant Strong State of Mind.

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5:17 am, Apr 30 2016
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Since "a strong plot" doesn't seem to be an option with the manga community, I went with character growth...

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Lone Wanderer

6:29 am, Apr 30 2016
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I frankly don't care about any of these categories in isolation. There's no one tag that will make me read a series or avoid it; it's mostly the combination of tags. Made worse by the fact that a lot of these are character tags, and characters are rarely important to me as long as I like the plot. Now, if 'Plot twist' had been there... But even then it wouldn't mean anything much, I suppose.

I bet 'Character growth' will be first and 'Strong female lead' will be second, though.

Not voting on this one.

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9:27 am, Apr 30 2016
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rape, obviously. no rape = no read

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9:44 am, Apr 30 2016
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Honestly, my slow-down in reading manga and almost completely halt of watching anime is due to a few categories. I am sick and tired of seeing every female character try to kill the males for every little thing, their fault or no. So, not sure if that fits under "Strong male lead" - but that also ends up with the male lead losing to everyone, and watching a lead who is just Godlike to start with can be boring. Also, not every female needs to have freakish measurements. We can have a female lead without her making Barbie think she needs "enhancement" or looking like she never hit puberty. That is my only issue with female leads for strong leads, is the authors generally can't just create a normal female.

I no longer really want to see things about little kids with super powers, and adults who just want to rape/abuse them. Or love stories between people who look 6, but are actually 18 - so totally not jail bait. So that sort of removes love triangles/age gap.

I am picking Special Abilities, just because I sort of quality that as martial arts as well. Not sure if "Deduction" qualifies as a special ability, but - enjoy detective stuff as well. Don't care if it is a strong male / female lead, just want one without a bunch of "fan service".

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10:05 am, Apr 30 2016
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Character growth is too easy to pick. since it's often a code for "well written manga" (unless we are talking about gag manga or something like that, where this trope is not that necessary). So I'll go with a weakness of mine, childhood friends. Whether it's about a romantic relationship or not, I just like the strong bond between characters that this category often implies. I also like having strong leads, and I don't care much for the other categories in the poll. I do tend to avoid stories with rape, unless it fits well in the plot, and possessive lovers. I'm not a big fan of the age gap (in my fiction, I couldn't care less in real life). I also am not that pleased to read the "Tsundere" category, because when you can easily identify a character as tsundere it could mean there's not much depth to them. But that's not always the case, so it's never immediately a no. Except maybe "Based on a novel": I often avoid those because they tend to feel incomplete as adaptations, much like their anime counterparts.

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2:40 pm, Apr 30 2016
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Searching the female-centric tags of Smut, Shoujo and Josei + Rape yields another 650+ results, although there's probably some duplication within the tags.
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3:37 pm, Apr 30 2016
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MinatoAce has the right idea... character growth, followed by strong female lead. Though, if the story doesn't have any female leads, I'm fine with that too as long as the female side characters are compelling and not vapid accessories.

Honestly character growth should be a given in over 98% of narratives but from my experience that simply isn't the reality. Stagnant/ regressing characters are one of the reasons I'll drop a manga. I really hate it when characters repeat the same stupid mistakes.

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5:03 pm, Apr 30 2016
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Wow, this startled me a bit. Can anybody explain me why would you read a manga because of rape confused? Don't misunderstand me, I'm not being sarcastic. I really want to know smile wink grin

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6:50 pm, Apr 30 2016
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My favorite category is 'breaking my expectations'.

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7:11 pm, Apr 30 2016
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I'm a little confused by the question. What exactly do you mean by important? Does this mean my favorite category to read? Or is it the category that I read the most often? Or the category I think impacts the story the most? It could also mean a category that I strongly want to avoid.

I kind of agree with @calstine, these categories don't mean much in isolation. On it's own, I don't know how the category impacts the story. Like for instance the rape category. There are different ways rape is portrayed in a story. I hate the typical hentai and yaoi way of depicting rape, where the rape victim comes to fall in love with their rapist. But I wouldn't avoid the category of rape altogether because there are also stories where rape is depicted more realistically, and sometimes I'm in the mood to read a tragedy.

So yeah, not really sure how to vote for this one. I could say character growth is important to me, because it's one of the categories I like the most. But I don't think I actually read stories with that category more than I read other manga. But categories like collection of stories or rape actually impacts my choice whether or not to read a manga a lot.

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