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will it ever continue?

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2:17 pm, Apr 2 2016
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hey guys

is there any news regarding when/if the breaker will continue??


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12:30 pm, Apr 8 2016
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I too am curious. i haven't seen anything yet but i'm not very resourceful. That trintiy wonder is his next project right? so i'm guessing nothing tell after that is done.

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4:53 pm, Apr 16 2016
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No and chances are if they do end up continuing it we wont get any new ch's for at least another year or 2.

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5:02 pm, Oct 13 2016
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Doubt it, as you see korean authors are not hood making long mangas, no commitment at all you can find many good mahwas left like this.

Post #686184 - Reply to (#684778) by hnskyo
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12:03 am, Nov 28 2016
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This author also does Ruler of the Land which has been ongoing since 1994.

So I doubt commitment is really the issue here.
At least, on the author's side.

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Post #751946 - Reply to (#678355) by snitch
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4:01 pm, Jan 27 2018
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Nope, this will be another Veritas and never done.

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6:25 pm, Jan 31 2018
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If i remember correcly a disclaimer in the last chapter said each part took 2 times the number of chapters they estimated at first: 5 volumes for first season (they made 10), 10 for the second (they made 20) and a rough estimate of 20 for the third season (so they calculated 40 vol worth of new content) as the thing was getting out of hand they put the project on hold so they can try new things... i can relate to those fellings, they are new authors with a HUGE response and fanbase.... this is the best time for them to try new things!!
tbh i loved the 2 seasons from The Breaker and i still think their are going to make the third part!!! if you are reading huge wb stories as Berserk, Ippo or One Piece, a couple of years its not so much!!
Finally imho their new project Trinity Wonder is Great and refreshing! full color and epic battles on another kind setting, when they finish this one and The Ruler of the land ( another AWESOME manwa btw)... we'll have our Season 3!! eyes eyes

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