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Fav pairing?

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7:02 pm, Sep 9 2008
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what's you're fav +Anima pairing? Mine's HuskyxNana! eyes

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12:14 am, Sep 14 2008
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forget that, eh ill agree with, u, but ya.. when this manga finish someone do a spoiler summary for me ok .. ill decide to read it after wards , so far i like it, but if it really is about lessons and such and not much of a plot, irather skip, need plot right now, ive had too much lessons already..

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6:40 pm, Apr 17 2011
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I love me some Husky x Nana. They are MFEO!!! He is her freaking prince!!! Its perfect!
Senri and rose are cute but they don't beat Husky x Nana.
Cooro can just go find some fat girl and they can eat food together. LOL >_<

Here I drew this picture. I hope you like! n_n current=HuskyNana-1-1.jpg

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