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i am looking for several shoujo mangas amd i need your help please

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10:59 am, Jun 8 2015
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Dear all,

I have several mangas i am trying to look for. The information is below:

1) the first manga is a shoujo oneshot about a boy who is grumpy than a girl falls from the sky (btw she is tomboyish short hair and cute) then this girl changes the guy. I dont know if she was a guardian angel or demon but in the end she has amnesia. The girl then has a car crush where this leads to ammesia. The boy then again tries win her back again. I think one of them had a heart problem. I dont really knw if the explanation of the story is correct or not, but the story is sooo cute and i am trying to look for this story for a while

2) the second story is a shoujo oneshot of alonely girl who sleeps with her male teacher that has a mole on his hand. Then the teacher gets back to his wife and the student vanishes. It is later than shown that the girl got pregnant and had a baby which has a mole om his hand and the teacher discovers in the end.

Thats the two stories


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2:21 pm, Jun 8 2015
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Ugh, I've read the second oneshot to which you refer before, but I can't remember it. Does searching through tags help? Such as the Beauty Mark tag.

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