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Manga about swordsmiths

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1:13 pm, May 8 2023
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Does anyone know of any manga about sword or blacksmiths set in the Sengoku/Edo period? Bonus if the series is educational.

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12:01 pm, May 9 2023
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You'd think given the history of swords there'd at least be a few manga about the making of swords, but I can't seem to find any at all...

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2:43 pm, May 11 2023
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The only non fantasy I found searching in title /description that was historic was: "Utsushimi no Hana", but some of it's genres are (Drama Historical Romance Yaoi ) , and "The Swordsmith's Wife"

there's also a "Sword Smith/s" category, but most of it is fantasy.

You might as well try your luck searching historic figures or swordsmiths from those eras like "Gorō Nyūdō Masamune" and see if they appear in any educational media or tourism sites related to them.

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