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New anime season of Kamisama Hajimemashita announced!

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6:57 pm, Aug 7 2014
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It seems it will premiere either in January or March of next year, there's almost no information. sad

At least they changed the official website, hopefully they'll post more updates there. ashita-new-season.html

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9:02 pm, Aug 7 2014
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thanks for the update. really like the first season and was hoping they would continue it

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4:48 am, Oct 17 2014
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This is very encouraging news! I long for the days of 52 episode shoujo romances! Nowadays, the studios are satisfied butchering all lovely romances into 13 episode arcs, which they neatly wrap up with an alternative ending (or worse, they leave us hanging with no hope for a second season)!

I also want more character vocals and OST's! And fan art! Aaaah I'm getting so greedy smile

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