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Show a user's reviews on their profile page

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12:29 pm, Jul 20 2023
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It would be nice to be able to follow someone's suggestions if you find their reviews frequently align with your taste, in a similar fashion to the Steam Curator function. I have seen particular users who I seem to agree with every time I read something they've reviewed so the ability to access things they've liked would be very useful for finding new manga to read.

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Josei Addict

10:24 pm, Sep 18 2023
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I think this would be more of an opt in feature from users as some people would probably not like it as a default - many people keep their lists private for the same reason. MU isn't a social media site so I think there is also an issue in allowing people to follow & track each other without opting in.

However, if someone's lists are public (you can see any public lists on their profile), you can browse through them and see at a glance if they have rated a series & occasionally I have seen exerts of reviews they have left OR there is a link to view their review of the manga (a hyperlink labeled "View" in a column called "Comment" will be to the right, which is what they call reviews on the lists, I guess). I am not sure why it isn't consistent (exert vs a link to the review) for all public lists though, but if you see a review of someone who looks like they have the same taste, you can click on their profile and see if they have any public lists. 🙂 I like doing this, too, and there are some prolific readers on this site so I've discovered so many new titles just looking through people's lists. (Shout out to everyone with a public list!! - I converted some of my main ones to public as a result of seeings others!)

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10:56 am, Sep 19 2023
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As has been mentioned, users can choose to make their lists public. I don't know how well that works for custom made lists, but one of those is where my reviews are. I suspect there are others like me with a custom list that shows us what we have already reviewed. Don't know how popular it is to make that list public.

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