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Your thoughts on Kirishima!?

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3:38 am, May 26 2020
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Hi guys, I made this a discussion based on Kirishima.

In my opinion, some people hate him because he is a womanizer, is not that I made this to defend him?m, anyway, I am just terribly obsessed with his character because I haven’t find any manga that has made me feel something towards a character.

So far we know a little bit about thing (if not nothing) because he is always using this fake smile, I don’t think he is a stalker I just feel he is protecting Yoshino BUT I also feel he is dangerous because he is a violent person. He can’t survive in that environment without not having savage treats.

Anyway, what do you think?

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6:24 am, May 29 2020
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I personally don't like him, but it doesn't mean that I don't find him interesting. That's saying a lot cuz I'm usually fond of yanderes, but then again the main reason I love them in the first place is because they're 100% devoted to the FL. I can see why people would like him though. I do hope that the female lead and the male lead remain friends and she can fall in love with someone else. It would be ideal (someone mentioned this in the comments already) if they got married, where she can also have a lover like him.

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3:00 am, Feb 12 2024
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ngl when I see people saying he's toxic and he's a red flag, I dont see it at all. yeah he does like NTR, is a masochist, stalker, and a lot more. i feel like he has all the reason to turn like that, seeing his childhood and past. with him sort of having loose screws and cheating on yoshino here and there, he really progresses and doesnt even hide it, even yoshino knows and shes fine with it. he still somehow has decency and cares for others. thats why this is definitely one of my all time favorite romance manga. it aint like the old boring tropes, u can see the character development too. and maybe i do a bit relate to kirishima, i also want someone who can ruin my life (even tho my lifes already ruined)

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