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Yu Yu Hakusho's ending

Did you like Yu Yu Hakusho's ending?
loved it!
hated it! (state how it coulda been better)
it was okay, but coulda been better
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7:10 pm, Feb 5 2008
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hated it. Here's how it shoulda ended:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Yusuke's been training in demon world and he's grown his hair out and put markings on his body to be more like his father. He's fully accepted his demon heritage. His father's been dead for awhile and an all-out war between the kingdoms is about to start. Hiei's gotten way stronger and Kurama has learned how to use his former self's power while retaining his normal personality. This results in his clothes and ears being like his old self's but his hair staying the same color. Yomi has a button that will send hordes of demons after his mother unless he cooperates. The armies start fighting while the leaders and seconds-in-command gather in one spot (the bald guy is Yusuke's second). Hiei makes the first move by slicing at baldy and the battle starts. Yusuke tries to fight Yomi and Mukuro but isn't doing too well. Hiei kills the bald guy but Kurama's nowhere in sight. Yomi gets knocked back by Mukuro. He gets up only to have the button destroyed by Kurama. A battle starts between Kurama and Yomi. Mukuro sends Hiei to fight Yusuke and Yusuke gets his ass kicked for awhile, but then Raizen's soul transfers into Yusuke and possess him turning Yusuke's hair white. He is about to kill Hiei but Mukuro jumps in the way and gets her metal arm blown off by a demon gun. Yusuke kicks the crap outta Mukuro, being as powerful as Raizen was in his youth. Yusuke gets close but gets his arm blown off by a dark dragon. Hiei is half dead, unconciously saving Mukuro. Meanwhile, Kurama is losing badly to Yomi. Just as Yomi goes in for the kill, Kurama uses the seed he had planted in his body as a trump card. This impales Yomi, killing both of them in the process, and creates a huge tree in the direct center of Demon World. Meanwhile, Mukuro's unconcious and Yusuke is fighting Hiei. The armies have stopped fighting and are watching the two demons fight, in awe of their above S class power. Yusuke's almost dead, but manages to beat Hiei, aiming a demon gun to his head, but Yusuke's real personality interferes and forces Raizen out. Yusuke's hair goes back to his natural color. Mukuro regains conciousness, but they've both used up all their demon energy. For some reason Yusuke starts laughing uncontrollably. Mukuro asks if he's gone mad and he replies that he's gotten the best idea of his life. He asks Chuu if he can borrow a couple knives and stabs them into the ground. One arm knife edge match. They duke it out and it ends in a draw with both of them collapsing. As a reward, they each get one wish from the spirit world. Mukuro asks for her body to be returned to flesh and blood so she can live happily with Hiei and Yusuke asks to be a human so he can live happily with Keiko. This makes Mukuro and Hiei the new rulers of demon world. Yusuke settles down with Hiei, Kuwabara chases Yukina for the rest of his life, and nine months after Kurama's death, his mother has a son. It is born with silvery-white hair and a face shaped like a fox's. Only one name for it comes to mind: Kurama.

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7:23 pm, Feb 5 2008
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It ended the right way.I'm glad that we actually got a real conclusion instead of them leaving you with many questions.I'm also glad that Yusuke returned to his normal life instead of still fighting pointlessly (Goku) and never settling down with keiko.Most shounen Anime ends the cliche way or really do not give you a clear conclusion.Besides I'm glad he lost that last fight because it was unexpected it.I hate when writers give the protagonist unlimited amount of strengths where they never seem to be bested by anyone (Goku).I also think the ending kept the down to earth feel the the Anime had despite the supernatural elements.

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11:35 pm, Nov 12 2008
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eh, it was ok. Liked the anime's ending alot better though.

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10:17 pm, Oct 22 2009
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Wow. The manga's ending is waaay better than the anime. Did you guys watch the anime's ending? Man, it was a joke; like a total nightmare. Such a good anime and the ending was like...the author giving up on the anime. WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM!??

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
There's a tournament in the Demon World. Blah blah blah, all the so-called masters of territories and the all powerful Hiei and Yusuke didn't win. Just a really random guy from Yusuke's dad's crew. Yusuke goes back into the Human World and works at a ramen shop.
:/ Lame ending.

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