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10:55 am, Mar 21 2009
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Why isn't there a thread about this yet. laugh I liked reading it.

Discuss the manga here~

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11:53 pm, Mar 28 2009
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It's nice to see a romance angel about people who are already a couple for once (especially so since they quarrel so much), but the whole thing about them being too shy to kiss each other wore out its welcome in the second chapter.

Plus, it's full of esoteric jokes about video games and basic opinions about things like anime based on games or MMORPGs that are neither very interesting nor even intended to be funny. Frankly, I think I'd have prefered a more general content beause those two are fun to watch and I'd like to have seen them have more than one thing to talk about.

I like the girl's compulsive aggression and her design, though.

Got a bigger version of that pic, by the way?

EDIT: Actually, I kinda take it back about the kiss thing. It DID get tiresome, but the romance angle advanced considerably from there. I didn't realize how little of it I has actually read when I wrote that. Nine pages of 4-koma somehow seem longer than a 20-page chapter with a single plot.

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12:16 am, Mar 29 2009
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a gamer couple= so sweet!
i really enjoyed reading this, and even though i'm very picky about the art most of the time, the mangaka's style just caught me.

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2:45 pm, Aug 23 2010
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2 Volumes (Ongoing)

And I also saw 4 more characters on danbooru. So, is there gonna be more sometime?

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