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Shoujo one shot Manga

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10:03 am, Sep 26 2019
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Does anyone know a shoujo, comedy, and one shot manga about a male lead boy who is the most popular in school, faints because a cockroach in his room. Then his spirit leaves his body and goes to a girl thats helps him.

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2:50 pm, Sep 27 2019
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Michi to no So Good

[Url=] k'><u>Looking for... shoujo with a canned peach confession.</u></a><!--url_type_2_end--><BR><!--url_type_2--><a href='<!--Auto_parse_begin--><a target='_blank' rel='nofollow' href='''><u>'</u></a><!--Auto_parse_end--> target='_blank'><u>Don't English Me I'm Panic</u></a><!--url_type_2_end--><BR><!--url_type_4.5--><a href='<!--Auto_parse_begin--><a target='_blank' rel='nofollow' href=''><u>Guess'><u>'><u>Guess</u></a><!--Auto_parse_end--> the Manga/Anime Name</u></a><!--url_type_4_end--><BR>'Shojo manga has no boundaries, and never did!’ -Shimizu Reiko, Himitsu - Top Secret fanbook interview
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