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5:20 am, Aug 6 2020
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Can you guys tell me who is girl between chii from chobits (girl on the left hand side of naruto) and sakura kinomoto(the girl on the furthest right) and which manga she is from.

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7:06 am, Aug 9 2020
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i couldn't think of a manga but im thinking that she may be from an old jc staff or kyoto animation(i dont really think its from kyoto animation but there might be a chance it is lmao) anime ? i am not sure tho since that style is pretty common. you can check the anime they made and find the manga from there if im right about the studio lol.

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4:24 pm, Dec 2 2020
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Seems to me maybe one of the girls in dn angel but then i think it could be school days but i have a feeling they would not use the later in this... Ah perhaps Clannad ?

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