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"missing" main character

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2:13 pm, Nov 14 2012
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well it just came to my mind that i want to read a manga about the main character (prefer male) goes missing
is there a manga where the main character goes "missing" from society or goes under cover? and everyone thinks hes kidnapped or dead. and then it time skips and under certain circumstances hes back in his old town or neighborhood and is forced to interact back into his old life ( like going back to school or something) and sees his family and friends who dont recognize him in till maybe later?

Idk i know its a hard topic but itll be cool if there is a manga like this. and it would be great if the main character is at a young age like 13-28 or something. thanks!! biggrin

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6:13 pm, Nov 14 2012
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X sort of has this element, though his childhood friends do recognize him when he returns, but he spends quite a few chapters avoiding them.

Ubel Blatt sort of has this too, or at least the "presumed dead" and "no one recognizes him" part. Otherwise, there's really no reintegration into society or whatever going on.

If I recall correctly, Historie has a part where the protagonist returns to his hometown after several years, but it's fairly brief and really isn't about him reintegrating back into his old life but more about him letting go of his past...?

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6:23 pm, Nov 14 2012
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Oban Star Racers has a similar event happen. It is an anime though, very good too.

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3:59 pm, Nov 15 2012
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If I remember correctly there was something like that in 20 Seiki Shounen


4:51 pm, Nov 15 2012
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Tower of God fits this somewhat.

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the mu...

4:35 am, Nov 16 2012
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Way off but :
Sexual Hunter Riot
Samurai X

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5:55 am, Nov 16 2012
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