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Looking for typesetters and qc for my scan!

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11:28 pm, Jan 23 2023
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Hello there,
I'm from Golden Empire, a non profit scan.

For now, we're doing psychological series but we might take series of other genre in the future (not right now as we've already got a lot on our plate). We've got a lax system, with hiatus and extended deadlines being open to all. We accept freelancers too.

Now as mentioned in the topic, we're urgently in need of:

➾ Checks the typeset PSD and fixes any mistakes.
▸Note: Must know TS, CLRD & PR and have at least 5-6 months of experience in either all three positions or as a QC + Past work only.

➾ Adds the proofread script onto the respective locations in the cleaned & redrawn raws.
▸Note: Would be preferable if more experience + Past work or test, either of them works.

Our Projects:

Look Alike Daughter:
Girl with a Knife:

*This is voluntary work, so no payment involved.

If you're interested, please head to the recruitment channel for more details and open a ticket in our discord server:


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