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MangaUpdates API Comments/Suggestions/Bugs

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Post #801175 - Reply to (#801164) by Saezuru70
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5:56 pm, Feb 6 2023
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We've been working on it. We're working to modernize the UI with mostly the same look and functionality as we have now, except with React, etc. Then, we'll update the UI with a modern look. The old design will stick around as an option. What does a UX review person do?

Post #801177 - Reply to (#801175) by Manick
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6:14 pm, Feb 6 2023
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Thanks for working hard!

1st: Death Note
Post #801187 - Reply to (#801175) by Manick

10:34 pm, Feb 6 2023
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A UX review is basically a report outlining usability issues on a system*, and recommendations on how to address them.

I do general UX stuff (mostly for banks as my day job), but reviews forms part of that. The focus is on making systems easier and more enjoyable to use.

I can also help you with certain interface problems you might have, such as:
- what's the most important content on hypothetical page and how should we present it?
- how do we use the genre colours on the new releases page? I think that's an actual problem you mentioned in another post
- how should we present these search results?

I do pro bono work (free work for certain types of organisations), so anything I did for mangaupdates would fall into this category.

[*] system = web site, app, software application, etc - anything with a user interface

Post #801197 - Reply to (#801187) by Saezuru70
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5:43 am, Feb 7 2023
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That does sound like it would be helpful. When we get the UI recode done and start working on redoing the UX, I'll reach out. Hopefully you're still available!

Post #801292 - Reply to (#801197) by Manick

7:30 pm, Feb 12 2023
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I hope so 🙂

We could start doing some structured user research ahead of time. It doesn’t have to wait until the UI work is finished. And it wouldn’t have to take much of your time if I'm running with it.

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10:15 am, Mar 12 2023
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i really love magical girl sho i am really looking forward to it
i love to see how he slowly change mentally and physicaly
and relation between him and his little sister
i love this manga
i cant wait for next chapter


5:49 am, Apr 17 2023
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This is a problem I have experienced twice with the site. Yesterday night, all my visits to the site resulted in seeing webpage that just said "Who are you?" It didn't matter if my url bar was directed to the release page or the forums.

Internet Lurker At Heart

5:50 pm, Jul 1 2023
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If I have the base36 ID, e.g. "yjebcls":

How can I get this other URL with an unrelated integer ID?

"yjebcls" converts to 75183500944, which has nothing to do with 189392.

MangaDex will have one link or the other, but I don't know how to find the integer version otherwise.

I want to collect those because they align better with MAL which is currently using sequential IDs with up to 6 digits.

Post #802928 - Reply to (#802927) by mangasneeder
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7:56 pm, Jul 1 2023
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The smaller six digit numeric IDs are the old IDs and will eventually be deprecated and deleted, so I don't recommend using them. Someone out there scraped the site and created a GitHub project with the ID mapping if you want to convert.


2:53 am, Jul 18 2023
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Hi guys, I was consuming the yaml in visual studio and got a "weird bug".

Basically user_id is set as integer and it defaults to int32 when deserializing. My user_id is at size int64, so I get an error. I tested on "get profile" operation, with the object "UserModelV1".
I fixed it by adding "format: int64" to the yaml.

And then I got another error on "BirthdayModelV1" since I don't have a birthday it failed on deserializing "month" property. Haven't fixed it yet but it should be something like allow null, the VS generated code currently has "Required.DisallowNull".

Any chance you can fix the user_id on yaml?

Post #803668

9:56 pm, Aug 25 2023
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I have noticed that `perpage` request body parameter is not respected. Here is an example:

POST /v1/series/search HTTP/1.1
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 48
User-Agent: HTTPie/3.2.1
Accept: application/json, */*;q=0.5
Content-Type: application/json

{"search": "One piece", "perpage": 4, "page": 2}

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2023 04:54:59 GMT
Content-Type: application/json
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive
X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=15724800; includeSubDomains
Content-Encoding: gzip


(I have removed the results array for brevity).


I think it should support any value if possible.

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12:59 pm, Oct 22 2023
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Is there a way to use this API and get baka-updates on tachiyomi?

Post #804336 - Reply to (#804330) by AeonScribe
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6:03 pm, Oct 22 2023
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It's already available as a tracker on Tachiyomi, however as of the last few days it hasn't been working properly.

Update: I was able to solve the problem (Error 401) by logging out and back in to MU in the tracker settings.

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8:47 am, Dec 2 2023
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if you search with this url: "" you can order by "date_added", but the actual date is never visible anywhere. The api however shows when the entry was updated last. I thought that this was a naming error and i wanted to report that, but it seems like it was not, because there are some entries that have a updated date of 0: An example would be : "".

So 3 suggestions:
- modified date should equal creation date or null and not 0(in case its creation timestamp will be made visible i would suggest to convert it to null, if not i would make it equal to the creation date on creation)
- add creation timestamp to prevent confusion
- add sort by last_modified to prevent confusion

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8:57 pm, Jan 17 2024
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EDIT: The issue is still present in Mihon 0.16.1 so the recommendation is to not use MangaUpdates tracking in both Tachiyomi or Mihon for now.

Just a heads up if anyone is still on Tachiyomi 0.15.2 or 0.15.3 you might want to migrate over to Mihon 0.16.1 which seems to fix the api server getting spammed by requests if you're using it with the api tracking feature (at least with my cursory inspection of network traffic with PCAPdroid and reading a couple chapters to update).

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