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Aesthethicc Scans is recruiting!

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6:01 am, Nov 26 2022
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Aesthethicc Scans is recruiting!

Relatively new scanlation group looking for staff to pick up more cultured manga series to work on.

Current series:
Tokushu Seiheki Kyoushitsu e Youkoso -

Currently Recruiting:
- Raw Providers
- JP Translators
- Cleaners/Redrawers
- Quality Checkers

Do you need experience?
- Not entirely, as any help will be appreciated a long way, but experience would be preferred. No test for those with experience
Genres we work on?
- As the name sort of states, mainly ecchi based series. NSFW to be expected.
Do you assign work?
Depends on the staff availability, as also you are welcome to claim which chapter you would be willing to work on. Although we are very flexible with deadlines, 1-2 weeks is usually the deadline.
Future series?
- Plans are to pick up following series; as we are also open for suggestions to those who want to join.
The Devil Fascinates Me in Heavenly Prison. - (also open to collaborate to those interested)
- Discord:
For those interested, shoot up a message in recruitment channel or PM me - catfish007#6975

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6:29 am, Jan 21 2023
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now working on another series
The Devil Fascinates Me in Heavenly Prison. -

as our series amount is increasing, we are still in need of additional staff

current recruiting roles:
- JP Translators (urgent)
- Cleaners/Redrawers (VERY urgent)
- Proofreaders (urgent)
- Quality Checkers

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2:07 am, Jan 23 2023
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Hello, I'm interested in the positions, mainly of the quality checker. Although I'm new to the scanalation scene, I'd like to try this as a new opportunity.

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