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Please help me find this novel.

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1:10 pm, Jan 26 2016
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Perhaps someone can tell me the name of the novel im looking for that i read a while ago which name i forgot... so anyways heres the information about the novel :

The main character is a royality who lives in a secluded house/room in the backyard of the palace i think it was. He was assigned a knight as his caretaker that has a super high position, the main character discovers that he can use ice magic and later creates an ice dragon that comes to life, the main characters dream was to become a coffe shop owner i think. Also in that world the people might die as children because they cant control theyr "mana/power" or whatever it is and might explode so thats the reason he lives in a secluded place, Later on the main character goes to school and tames some super legendary giant chicken, also the main character went to pick flowers in the middle of the winter with his retainer's little sister and the forest was set on fire., oh and his hair color was either white or light blue, unlike his parents, also if i remember correctly his parents tried to get him killed/removed.

Id appriciate if you could tell me the novel im looking for :3 i dont have my hopes up though since i read it a while ago and might have mixed up some things.

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2:35 pm, Jan 26 2016
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oh oh oh oh, I know that one! It's Third Prince Elmer! (not on this website)

here's where you can read it


3:27 pm, Jan 26 2016
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thanks :3 thats what i was looking for bigrazz

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