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5:41 am, Jul 23 2018
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MC was a girl age 16-18

Her parents divorced, she have average looking father and a beautiful mother with short hair and little brother who was one year younger

Basically she have inferior complex, she know that her mother was a genius researcher while her father was a normal average working man.

Her parents are divorced and she look at her father face with kinda sad and pitiful face and it seems her mother did'nt care at all and wish she go with her father. Her little brother was a genius and said he gonna follow her mother and work with her.

The girls realized both her mother and brother thinking she was a burden/idiot and she was un-needed , so she follow her father.

the era was not in modern era, i think it like fantasy era ? it have steam train and aero plane(wright brother plane version).

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9:19 am, Jul 23 2018
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What you are saying reminds me of Abide in the Wind. Is that it?


3:43 pm, Jul 23 2018
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I was also thinking of Abide in the Wind since that's the only one I know of like that ?.


4:43 am, Jul 24 2018
Posts: 340

yeah thanks ?

it was abide in the winds

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