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Fate/Stay Night Manga Ends

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3:33 am, Sep 13 2012
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A listing on Tohan Corporation's e-hon online shopping site has noted that the upcoming 20th volume of Datto Nishiwaki's manga adaptation of the Fate/stay night series will bring a "conclusion" to the manga title after a roughly seven-year run. The volume is slated to be released by Kadokawa Shoten on November 22 for 588 yen (about US$7.50).

The Fate/stay night manga was released in North America by Tokyopop. Funimation has also released a Fate/stay night anime series box as one of its first anime DVDs from its distribution deal with Geneon Entertainment. Geneon Entertainment had ceased in-house distribution of its own titles in 2007.

source: animenewsnetwork

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4:45 am, Sep 13 2012
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A shame.
Well I'll be reading the VN after I watch Fate/Zero... eventually... *endless periods*

Is this me in a nutshell?
Pretty much.
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