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Chapter 5

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6:54 pm, Mar 11 2012
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Wow, I have been stalling this series for months because of how great & short it was, & I knew the ending would be spectacular. It certainly lived up to my expectations. I read that it is going to be about forgiveness, so I guess I subconsciously thought it would have a happy ending, but when I saw Kanda saying he would meet them on the train, I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, like throwing himself on the railway. He did not do it, but when Ikeda said that Kanda is not coming back, my reaction was kind of like Minami's: '. . . . . . . . . . What?' It is so sad that he intends to never see her again. They were as close as a family. I wonder if he moved to another town, too. The butterfly analogy in the chapter was wonderful. Ikeda seems to somehow have come around, but I wished for him to meet that girl from chapter 3 again. She was cute.

It is rare for a title to move me so much. I kept thinking about Mon Seul for hours after finishing it. This is my first time saying it, but if I ever meet the author, I would thank her for such a beautiful masterpiece. Bravo.

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11:17 am, Dec 6 2012
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The Epilogue CHapter makes it more disappointing...... sad

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