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Looking for an isekai manga where he adopts four girls

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2:15 pm, Sep 16 2023
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So a guy died and God allowed him to be isekai'd he want to live in peace while farming so god gave him magic and skills. When he arrived he used chantless magic to save a kitty and everyone realized he was a sage so they started to mob him and he started to run away and god was running with him telling him the house he asked for was ready but then all the villagers heard his new house location so he could not live there and ran to an abandoned church. At night he heard a knocking and it was four girls they had run away from the academy that they were living from a dragon attack so he let them in. There was the oldest a gentle responsible girl then the second oldest a girl who is learning swordsmanship the third an energetic girl and the youngest. He started to take care of them and they started calling him his dad. He started teaching them and realized they were very talented but it turned out in the academy they had the lowest grades and was about to fail which surprised him and it turns out it was because of the nurture skill he had acquired from god that they started to become more skilled.

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11:25 pm, Sep 16 2023
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Tensei Kenja wa Musume to Kurasu

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8:28 pm, Sep 17 2023
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Yay thats the one thank you as always!!!

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