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a manga with an immoral girl and a guy who can kill anything

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4:45 am, Jul 18 2013
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I recall the plot of this manga rather vividly, but cannot remember its name. The manga features a boy who can see the "death lines" on people. By tracing these lines, he is able to effectively dissect people at will. One day he sees a girl in the park, and on impulse traces these lines across her body. However, this does not kill her and she confronts him about the attempted murder, after which he learns that she cannot be killed.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Thanks


4:47 am, Jul 18 2013
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You're looking for Tsukihime.
It's an adaptation of a Visual Novel of the same name. There's a lot more to the story in the visual novel, you might want to check it out as well.


6:01 am, Jul 18 2013
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6:04 am, Jul 18 2013
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Quote from sakura8429

He obviously meant immortal...

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