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New Poll - Maid Cafes

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12:30 am, Aug 29 2015
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This week's poll is from FormX, and it deals with maid cafes. Any of you read Kaichou wa Maid-sama!?

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Of the physical manga you own, how did you obtain most of them?
Online retailer (Amazon, etc) - votes: 1807 (20.8%)
Online marketplace (Ebay, etc) - votes: 200 (2.3%)
At conventions - votes: 267 (3.1%)
Local major retailer (Barnes & Noble, etc) - votes: 1854 (21.3%)
Local smaller retailer - votes: 1138 (13.1%)
Book / Magazine stand - votes: 494 (5.7%)
Other - votes: 386 (4.4%)
I don't own physical manga - votes: 2540 (29.2%)
There were 8686 total votes.
The poll ended: August 29th 2015

I remember when Borders was still around. Sigh...

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1:23 am, Aug 29 2015
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There's a restaurant near where i live that have a maid cafe event for a day once every 2-3 months, but i will never go there, maid cafe is fine in manga/anime, but in real life it creep me out.

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2:32 am, Aug 29 2015
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I've been to Akihabara but I couldn't bring myself to go into a maid cafe. Something just feels very off about it, to me. I agree with @darkraiders, in manga it can seem okay, but in real life it just seems creepy to have someone a skimpy outfit call me master or mistress.

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3:02 am, Aug 29 2015
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Butlers, both male and female, are more my tastes.
I don't really find maid outfits appealing or pretty.

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3:31 am, Aug 29 2015
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I'd give it a try and that's tell you the truth, being a "Master"(Noble, Lord, Earl etc.) doesn't fit that much with my image.
But, to tell you the truth there is nothing to be ashamed off. Everything depends on the way you see it. Enjoy ~

lambchopsil - I did read about half of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!(on hold atm). It's good, but, nothing special to write home 'bout.

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5:32 am, Aug 29 2015
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I chose never. I don't have a problem with restaurants or cafe's with themes like say superheros, Hard Rock cafe or characters from say the 1950s like in the Pulp Fiction movie. I wouldn't go often more like once for the novelty. However, having girls dress up as maids and call me "master" is a little on the creepy side. Having both butlers and maids might make it less sexist, but they'd still have to drop the whole "master" thing. So yea, no way.

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5:40 am, Aug 29 2015
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Haven’t gone yet, I might go at the next con this year but that’s for the group to decide. I find it interesting enough to try it out once, but I doubt I’ll go a second time.

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6:16 am, Aug 29 2015
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Of course there are none where I live, but the idea bothers and fascinates me both! If there were male and male crossdressing maids in the cafe, I'd visit one! biggrin On second thought, I prefer butlers as well!

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6:37 am, Aug 29 2015
Posts: 136

Definitely! (And I'd somehow get myself hired there because I just LOOOVE maid uniforms! They're so pretty smile )
And butler cafe would be a dream come true lol biggrin

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8:22 am, Aug 29 2015
Posts: 72

really depends on what kind of quality it is. I'll like to try it, but i dont really have high hope for these sort of things. TOO MANY FACTORS required to make me want to visit it a lot.
like atleast decent food and prices as well as girls acting like the ones in manga/anime....

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12:26 pm, Aug 29 2015
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Maybe if it was guys who were passable, but otherwise I wouldnt go for the same reason I wouldn't go to a sports bar with scantily clad women, sexualization is a turn off for me.

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12:52 pm, Aug 29 2015
Posts: 57

I think maid outfits, the kind with long skirts, are really cool. Short skirts are not so cool. But maid cafe? Having my own cafe in my dreams, that would be fine but no way I'm visiting a public one. That would be both against my principles and my tastes. Frankly, just the thought makes me feel awkward. It just doesn't seem like a proper thing to do.

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1:04 pm, Aug 29 2015
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I don't think being called a master is awkward, but from a waitress acting as such sure is. As much as I like maids, probably, I don't have any interest in maid cafes and neither money to spend in it.

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3:46 pm, Aug 29 2015
Posts: 1698

I will go there often. I rather work there than go to one though. I'm pretty good at writing with ketchup.

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9:35 pm, Aug 29 2015
Posts: 90

I'd go just to check it out. From what I understand, they run the gamut from sleazy to family-friendly, a la Hooters (which incidentally is not my thing, but that's beside the point). Of course, I'd prefer period/conservative, mildly stylized maid outfits, not skimpy ecchi ones. And even then, I'd much rather go to a butler cafe. (I hear there's a really good one... somewhere. I forget where. Not the sleazy English-speaking one, though.) A coed maid/manservant (or cross-dressing) cafe would be nice, too, and maybe a coed tsundere cafe.

(Of course, most of all, I would like to visit a cat cafe. -shot- smile wink grin )

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