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When your depressed or going through a though point in life, what manga would you reread or compare your situation too?

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5:32 pm, Jan 22 2020
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I like reading martial arts manga/manhua/manhwa during depressing times I have read a lot of revenge and sad stories as well just because they get out of the situation, it like its not forever.

What are some series you read in times like those or relate to an issue you once had, how do you feel when you read them or why do you read them, does it make you feel better? Not alone? what makes it unique.

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7:40 pm, Jan 23 2020
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I remember liking Assassination Classroom very much in my worst days of depression years back, even in it's childish ways, it reminded me of essential values to have in life that I had lost with time, as I grew older.
So to this day, it's a very dear manga for me, that I still enjoy skimming through sometimes.


6:26 am, Feb 29 2020
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Reading manga or playing videogames is the worst thing you can do for "Depressing times" You have to get out, socialize, try to make new friends and expand your life. Perusing cartoons or pressing buttons is not really living a fulfilled life. Gotta go out and sort your life first, get help. When you reach that point in life when you're satisfied, then reading any sort of manga will be more satisfying.

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3:50 pm, Feb 29 2020
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What ichido reichan said. Becoming active and doing stuff, or even exercising is better than say, staying at home rereading a beloved comedy or reading some light, adorable manga.
Needless to say, I'm totally doing both. 😛

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2:15 pm, Mar 23 2020
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I'd suggest Saikyou Densetsuku Kurosawa or Onani Master Kurosawa, both have a Kurosawa as their main protagonists as you can guess.

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2:51 pm, Mar 23 2020
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I wouldn't reread manga, supposably I'll read comedy manga.

1st: Death Note
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10:45 pm, Mar 23 2020
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