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What sorts of people read manga???

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1:24 pm, Jun 6 2015
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Wow! I didn't realize their was such a variety of people on mangaupdates.

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Country/Continent: United States/North America
Race: Ummm...caucasian? My dad is 100% German and my mom is German/Irish.
Main Personality Traits: absent-minded, cautious, considerate, creative, dependable, dull, gentle, independent, neat, organized, patient, polite, quiet, responsible, sensitive, serious, shy, studious, suspicious, timid. (...and yes, I googled "character traits" and typed all the ones that applied--which is why it's in alphabetical order. lol maybe I shouldn't have put creative as a trait.)
IQ: I haven't taken an IQ test, but I made all A's in high school and an 800 twice on the critical reading section of the SAT.
Otaku or not: no, not really.
Favourite food: Umm... I guess eggs or oatmeal? I like breakfast foods.
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: light blonde, although I dye it... so probably dark blonde.
Favourite band/musician: I've been listening to Mika a lot recently
Favourite English TV Show: Downton Abbey, The Office, or Parks and Recreation. I also liked Frasier and The Nanny.
Favourite Movie: Hrmm... I don't know.
Favourite English Cartoon: Avatar the Last Airbender.
Most Visited Website: umm... gmail? My college's website? (to get to my college e-mail)
Favourite Actress: Rosamond Pike or Emma Thompson
Favourite Actor: Chris Pratt
How many Siblings: three brothers


3:02 pm, Jun 6 2015
Posts: 1

Gender: female
Race:slavene, caucasian, jewish ancestors
Main Personality Traits: depressive and lazy, capable
IQ: (if you don't know just be honest and write how smart you are compared to the people you hang with) rather many-sided person, have knowledge in different spheres and with motivation can make a big progress
Otaku or not: not
Favourite food: unhealhy food
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Favourite band/musician: no specifical
Favourite English Tv Show: don't watch any tv
Favourite Movie: there are too many movies i like
Favourite English Cartoon: Kung fu panda, i guess
Most Visited Website: mangaupdates, mail service, google
Favourite Actress: never thought about it.
Favourite Actor: no favourite
How many Siblings: younger brother

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1:44 am, Jul 10 2015
Posts: 1063

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Country/Continent: Canada
Race: Hispanic
Main Personality Traits: I was mostly at my peak of manga in high school (15-17yo), and I was very very shy and generally super reclusive. I'm now the opposite: extremely outgoing, I party a lot, and I'm a lot more comfortable in my skin
IQ: I'm not "smart", I just work hard. I go to my country's top school for engineering, but I studied my butt off to get to where I am, and I feel nothing was gained from being smart and everything from working for it
Otaku or not: Used to be, not as much since I graduated from HS
Favourite food: Chicken wings
Height: 5'5
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red, naturally black
Favourite band/musician: deadmau5
Favourite English Tv Show: Walking Dead
Favourite Movie: Aladdin yo
Favourite English Cartoon: South Park
Most Visited Website: reddit, Facebook
Favourite Actress: Toooo many... Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Zoey Deschannel... lots more i cant think of atm
Favourite Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Johnny Depp ... lots more but all I can think of are the hot ones I like (lol)
How many Siblings: two brothers, both older smile

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6:26 am, Jul 10 2015
Posts: 5

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Country/Continent: Spain
Race: caucasian i guess... not really sure
Main Personality Traits: I'm kind of independent but at the same time i love being with people who are worth it. I tend to smile a lot, don't really care what other people think of me and i easily make friends. I guess i'm nice and outgoing, but not much the partying type.
IQ: I used to be smart in school, but now that i'm in university i don't think so anymore. Maybe a bit above average (?)
Otaku or not: Not really
Favourite food: Spanish omelette (way too good...) biggrin
Height: 160 cm
Eye Color: grayish blue
Hair Color: Light brown - dark blond (it depends, i have heard both opinions)
Favourite band/musician: Really love Blind guardian ♥o♥
Favourite English Tv Show: i don't really watch tv...
Favourite Movie: Spirited Away eyes
Favourite English Cartoon: none
Most Visited Website: youtube, mangaupdates
Favourite Actress: don't have any
Favourite Actor: again, there isn't any
How many Siblings: One older brother

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11:41 am, Jul 13 2015
Posts: 131

Here is mine:

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Country/Continent: Bahrain/Asia
Race: Arabic
Main Personality Traits: Silent
IQ: I don't know; I think more than "them" maybe?
(edit: more engaged in thinking that is)
Otaku or not: NOT
Favourite food: Chicken maybe?
Height: Little short
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Favourite band/musician: Skillet or Evanescence
Favourite English Tv Show: The Doctors perhaps?
Favourite Movie: None
Favourite English Cartoon: Disney
Most Visited Website: Google
Favourite Actress: Can't think of one
Favourite Actor: Hrithik Roshan
How many Siblings: 7 excluding me
(edit: I'm the 7th of 8 BTW)

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12:19 pm, Jul 22 2015
Posts: 11

Gender: Female.
Age: Eighteen.
Country/Continent: United States of America.
Race: Caucasian.
Main Personality Traits: Resilient, dark, humorous, studious, and daydreamer.
IQ: (if you don't know just be honest and write how smart you are compared to the people you hang with) I would say I'm more logical than most people, and have a decent amount of common sense.
Otaku or not: Otaku has a very bad reputation in Japan, and I don't really like to call myself that. I'd say a geek, though.
Favourite food: N/A.
Height: 5'10''
Eye Color: Brown, with green in the middle.
Hair Color: Light brown.
Favourite band/musician: There are many.
Favourite English Tv Show: N/A (don't watch television)
Favourite Movie: The Lazarus Effect, Kick-Ass, Insidious, Kingsman.
Favourite English Cartoon: N/A. Gumball? It's alright.
Most Visited Website:
Favourite Actress: N/A.
Favourite Actor: N/A.
How many Siblings: 0

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2:18 pm, Jul 22 2015
Posts: 135

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Country/Continent: Finland / Europe
Race: Caucasian
Main Personality Traits: Lazy, humorous
IQ: Over 9000! (Okay, to be honest, idk...)
Otaku or not: Yes
Favourite food: Rye bread (Hey, I'm Finnish, okay! We love that stuff!)
Height: 167 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brownish black
Favourite band/musician: Aqua Timez, Ai Otsuka
Favourite English Tv Show: I don't watch TV
Favourite Movie: Not really a fan of movies, but... Jurassic Park?
Favourite English Cartoon: Jimmy Neutron! <3
Most Visited Website: MyAnimeList and Jpopsuki
Favourite Actress: None
Favourite Actor: Johnny Depp?
How many Siblings: Little brother

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4:21 am, Aug 1 2015
Posts: 37

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Country/Continent: Israel/Asia
Main Personality Traits: shy, lazy, crybaby (i'm very sensitive), but very friendly (too friendly imo) and perfectionist
IQ: Well I was the "nerd" in my class, but I guess i'm pretty smart
Otaku or not: Used to be
Favourite food: Uhhh...chocolate? you can't really call it food lol
Height: 156cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Favourite band/musician: Susumu Hirasawa, Daft Punk but I listen to almost everything
Favourite English Tv Show:Seinfeld
Favourite Movie: A Clockwork Orange
Favourite English Cartoon: The old Spongebob!
Most Visited Website: Pixiv, Facebook
Favourite Actress: None
Favourite Actor: There's too many..
How many Siblings: 0

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7:18 am, Aug 1 2015
Posts: 208

Have I done this one before? Can't remember! Anyway...

Gender: Female
Age: 30
Country/Continent: Australia
Race: Mostly South Asian (with possible South East Asian and European ancestry too)
Main Personality Traits: Protective, loyal, stubborn, quirky, introverted, pessimist
IQ: 135
Otaku or not: Errr... closet otaku, maybe?
Favourite food: Hainanese chicken rice (I wanna go back to Singaporeee... sometimes)
Height: 5 ft 3 (160cm)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black with dark brown ends XD time to visit the hairdresser soon...
Favourite band/musician: The Smiths
Favourite English TV Show: Sense8 (all my fixes in one show! biggrin )
Favourite Movie: Cloud Atlas
Favourite English Cartoon: Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Most Visited Website: Google
Favourite Actress: Nicole Kidman
Favourite Actor: Matthew Goode
How many Siblings: 2 younger sisters, 1 younger brother

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1:56 pm, Nov 17 2015
Posts: 71

Main Personality Traits: dunno
IQ: ?
Otaku or not:Not
Favourite food: Pizza,
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Brown
Favourite band/musician: Slavi Trifonov and Ku Ku Bend
Favourite English Tv Show: Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Lost, 24
Favourite Movie: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy, Harry Potter Series
Favourite English Cartoon: Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons
Most Visited Website:Google,Wikipedia,Youtube,Reddit
Favourite Actress:None
Favourite Actor:None
How many Siblings:None

The only difference between saints and sinners is that every saint has a past while every sinner has a future. - Oscar Wilde
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2:26 pm, Mar 20 2020
Posts: 1

In Poland we call sth like that "pele-mele" 🤣
It's so dead in here but why not to try 😛
Gender: female
Age: 24 in April, thought I'm always going to be 20 and I feel like this
Country: Poland
Race: as Google told me I'm just white...
Personality: introvert, lazy, patient, modest, independent, taught, creative, kind, different. What my husband just said "sleepy and cute" :3 I have a lot of blemishes but its hard for me to name it, more like situations
IQ: I did really good at sql but then because of some problems I started to learn less and less and sleep a lot and now I feel like my IQ just dropped 🤣 it's really hard for me to
concentrate etc. I've no social intelligence
Otaku: not that much
Favourite food: chocolate is love chocolate is life
Heigh: 170cm
Eye color: green
Hair color: brown
Favourite band: Hurts, The Neighbourhood, Billie Eilish
Favourite movie: Verbo, it's awesome but not English :/ I love Insurgent series but books moore
Favourite english tv show: I do watch a lot of series with my husband, but I don't think I've favourite one. I did really like Mandalorian
Favourite cartoon: why English? xD I like anime, anime and also anime
Most visited website: MAL, Youtube also Aliexpress and Instagram because of my work mostly 😳
Favourite actors: I like Lily Collins, Andrew Garfield and Nicolaus Hault I guess more because of their appearance that acting skills haha
Sibilings: older brother

I do read the other posts and just realise all of you are so old now 😲 🤣

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3:42 pm, Mar 20 2020
Posts: 612

Gender: male
Age: 17
Country: Turkey
Race: Turkish
Personality: Personality
IQ: ?
Otaku: As a joke, not really.
Favourite food: Kebab, Döner.
Heigh: 175cm
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Favourite band: maNga
Favourite movie: John Wick, Ayla
Favourite english tv show: Mr.Robot.
Favourite cartoon: Regular Show.
Most visited website: AniDB, MU, Twitter etc.
Favourite actors: Rami Malek
How many Sibilings: 1, younger sister.

1st: Death Note
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