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What's this manga I'm looking for?

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3:11 pm, Aug 4 2022
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So years ago I read a manga and I cannot find it anywhere now. It's about a badass girl who used to be the leader of a gang but she didn't want that life anymore so moves to a new school and tried to forget her past but she is mysterious and can fight and it's really cool so if course her past follows her. I feel like she had light hair and I think girls tried to bully her at her new school and quickly learned that that was a bad choice.

Anyway if anyone knows this manga it would really help me out, I literally went page to page looking for it on the Strong Female Lead and Female Fighter/s tags.

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10:20 pm, Aug 6 2022
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I am looking for manhua or manga but I can’t remember the title? I do is about an actress

Actress Ghost girl appears in fame scandal actor room he can see her in ghost then ghost marriage the ghost girl can’t change cloth her unless actor dress up her and talisman instead and helping him to make a comeback to entertainment company and some stole the ghost girl body manga. I remember this manhua have exorcist in manhua.

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1:03 am, Aug 7 2022
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Riot Girl ?

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6:08 pm, Aug 15 2022
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Maybe it’s Red Lion

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