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Young Siblings are Agents of Monsters/Aliens

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12:32 am, Apr 1 2017
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Anyone knows the title of the manga?
The main characters are 2 young siblings (male and female) who are actually acting as agents for monsters / aliens whom are destroying world / humanity. They changed cities / location after the monsters / aliens destroyed the previous cities they lived in. I only read the first chapter or two at least 5 years ago iirc. (it only had 1-3 chapters released, again iirc).

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2:14 am, Apr 1 2017
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Despair trigger?

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6:27 am, Apr 1 2017
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Ah, seems like that's the one. Oh it was only a one-shot and only ~2 years ago, huh. Lol. biggrin
Thanks a lot for identifying that!

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