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New Poll - Cheaper Paper

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2:20 pm, Mar 24 2012
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Sure, I'd buy more, if the quality of the paper isn't decreased that is. But I think manga volumes are already cheap enough as it is, and to make them even more cheap, it would mean that the mangaka isn't getting as much as they should deserve. I don't think it should change at all unless you decreased the quality of the paper or if you made it legitimately digitally obtainable.

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2:40 pm, Mar 24 2012
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Actually, when I realised German-language manga was about 30-50% cheaper compared to English-language manga I switched. Because I would be able to buy significantly more volumes this way.

Even though reading German langauge is a lot harder for me than English language I still do it. Because I can buy more manga. A lot of German manga titles will cost me about €7 while they'll cost me €12 in English.

And the best part is: I'm actually improving my knowledge of another language. Less "uhms" and "errs" the next time, when I'll go to Germany!

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3:53 pm, Mar 24 2012
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I'd definitely buy a more volumes than now. Currently, I buy mangas at 9 bucks a piece. It may be not much, but I could use every dollar I get for some other things (school fees need to get paid, rent, living expenses, trips, eating out, etc) since I don't earn much. I save money for my mangas (a dollar a day, XD ) so if the prices really got cut off in half, I could buy twice the amount of mangas than before. Woooh! laugh

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4:23 pm, Mar 24 2012
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It'd be nice if ink was cheaper as well.

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4:26 pm, Mar 24 2012
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I already buy quite a bit of manga.
If they were cheaper, the money that was saved from what I would originally buy would just be used to buy more. I guess. I mean, I'm collecting the manga that I know I would read again at the moment. There are a few that I see that look really interesting and I would consider buying and yeah, if they were cheaper I'd probably buy them. Especially the manga that isn't licensed by Viz or something. The reason why I most of the series I buy are licensed by Viz is because they're one of the cheaper providers. Dark Horse and Yen Press are a lot more expensive I find. It's still expensive overall though. I don't even want to think about all the money I've spent on my collection over the years laugh

I don't expect this to happen anytime soon anyway though. If anything they're going to become even more expensive. They've already been raising the prices of manga. It's a nice thought though, manga being cheaper, but it's a fairy tale life if they half the price. Only chance that's gonna happen is when a company goes tits up and they have to sell their stock, but then it's not worth it because they haven't finished translating the series *loltokyopoplol*

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4:36 pm, Mar 24 2012
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First make the manga I want available in my country cause shipping each time a volume from the UK making the actual delivering cost more expensive then the book itself is just such a hassle / annoyance.

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4:46 pm, Mar 24 2012
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I buy every manga I really like already, but I suppose I'd be more inclined to buy more if they were that much cheaper. I'd probably start buying the ones I simply like too.

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5:10 pm, Mar 24 2012
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I bought claymore because it used to be 7.99 rather than 9.99 (the usual price)

Now my favorite series like berserk or gantz are anywhere between 12.99 and 14.99

I tend to not buy much manga outside of the ones I like. Never anything new, it is way too expensive.

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5:58 pm, Mar 24 2012
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Yep, I think I'd actually buy some manga (*cough* gintama *cough), because the current market price is too high for me ($15-20 plus tax where I can get it - Chapters). If it were $7.5-10 dollars, I may actually consider buying something

Why I value translated manga at less than the market price: the scanlation groups seem to care more about the quality of their work than people paying for it - they are actual fans instead of just translators.

I'd like to see how much profit publishers (like Tokyopop, Viz) make on each translated volume of manga on average. It would help me put things into perspective.

And yes, the fact that publishers can't get out the series I want is something that also deters me from buying (is anyone publishing Oujitachi wa Izonsuru or Tsumi ni Futari)? biggrin

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7:05 pm, Mar 24 2012
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I voted that I'd buy significantly more, since I already buy all my manga laugh

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9:45 pm, Mar 24 2012
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Well, as for me...

When English manga is about $5(AUD) I'll buy all the ones I want.

In Japan, when I'm in Bookoff I seriously just buy all the manga I want. And if it's not there and I really want it, I go buy it from the book store. Even though I can't read all of it, I'll buy it because I've seen/read/heard good things about it before and I want to own it. Main concern is "how do I get this back home", because manga isn't that light, and secondary concern is "do I still have enough money to spend on the rest of my trip".

As a highschool student with no job, I rely on the money I recieve as gifts/spending money, so I don't have that much to spend, but if I did I would buy significantly more manga.

Some of them manga I've bought, I bought because I'd read the scanlations - I guess I just like having a preview of the thing I'm buying before I buy it. I'd really like it if there were more manga cafes in Australia.

IF - big if - I could afford to buy the magazines that publish manga (the Japanese ones), I'd at least have a better idea of what I was buying... only problem is that manga magazines outside of Japan tend to be really expensive because of the shipping. (TT__TT) I buy one every 2 months and it's marked up about 150% from what it cost in Japan, because the shipping price is high and then the retailer has to make a profit.

If it was cheaper, I could buy more.

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11:56 pm, Mar 24 2012
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just an example. smile

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1:00 am, Mar 25 2012
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Keep in mind that manga can run upwards of 30+ volumes for some of the more popular series so 50% decrease would be HUGE if you think about it. For me it is around $10-15 per english volume. Regular English fiction novels are usually only around 3-5 in a series at maybe $15-20. The cost spent on have a set is a big difference.

My first purchase, I remember quickly snatching up $8 volumes of a series I enjoyed when books went on sale, there were 14 volumes lol.

Yea Japanese book prices are way cheaper and better quality but the shipping costs a ton unless you're buying A LOT from a single site. Not to mention exchange rate charge.

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1:51 am, Mar 25 2012
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maybe if i start earning my own money.. it still costs so much.. and i dont want to burden my parents with another addiction.. i already have my eating addictions and my novel addiction.. so i dont want to be the burden child.

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2:51 am, Mar 25 2012
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matters not.. I would always read scanlations
even back then in my home country where 1 book manga costs 1,5 $, I didn't buy any.
the reasons being scanlations are simpler, better accessibility and of course, free.
The only downside is that I can't read them while I'm taking a dump.

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