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Looking for an old BL manga

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2:26 am, Sep 20 2022
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Main character is next door neighbor/lives in neighbourhood to seme. Seme big brother next door and they both known each other for long time. Seme is in college and/or working while uke still in high school
Main character is interested in seme, but the seme doesn't seem to be interested in him. Seme is sleeping with a prostitute (i think he was one at least or someone he knows who sleeping with in exchange for money to help) and possibly have developed feeling in the end for the prostitute while prostitute is thinking of stopping the line of work as well.
Prostitute stops selling himself and uke possibly was rejected and seme ends up with the prostitute possibly or
no real happy ending if i remember right

It's a much older manga(may have read it over 5+ years ago) and not sure if it was a oneshot or a very short manga(2-3 chapters)

Thank you, any help appreciated

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