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the mu...

10:41 pm, Apr 26 2011
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... there's no thread for this manga yet, so i'm gonna start one.
there are many to discuss about this manga.. like the patrilineal-patrilocal culture and society.. or the location (possibly uzbekistan... i could be wrong)... the time line setting, somewhere at "the great game" i think.. and so on and so on
knowing emma i believe kaoru mori is stuffing herself with as much knowledge about this area, this culture, and this particular time to come out with otoyomegatari...
see, there's a lot to talk about..

so lets me start with:
why does it say josei on the genre? even though it's published in a seinen magazine (now checking emma if this happen there too)... to whoever put josei up there, what's your excuse?

i know there's a thread specially made to report this type of case, but i think it's a lot better to talk about it here, don't you think?

ps: something i just realize.. why is the default name is otome-katari? not otoyomegatari?

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8:36 pm, Mar 4 2017
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Hi, I was hoping for this manga to be revived. Been ready this for years and the translation is quite slow. Hoping more readers would be interested on reading this amazing manga smile Plus points for this manga is, Older women with younger guy biggrin

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Freedom is life

3:21 am, Apr 22 2019
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I'm not sure why everybody is so focused on the relationship between the first two main characters when half the manga is about another guy travelling around, which was in my opinion way more interesting. In fact I think the author understood it would be lacking to only show the daily life of the two lovers and couldn't help using a background character to renew it.

Even the recents antics of Karluk and Amar are barely romantic at all, which is a nice change honestly. That and I hope the author drops the "new arc, new bride" because I personally found it quite redundant in comparison to Smith's travels, at some point, and there's so much more to talk of about that era than just "brides brides brides".


11:42 am, Nov 6 2020
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Well, what would be the sense of the manga title then? "Otoyomegatari" literally means "Brides Stories".

And it's obvious Mori always planned to make this manga about various people, she didn't study and traveled all Central Asia just to stay in Uzbekistan. Besides, there's a reason one of the genres is slice-of-life. Henry is our "gate" to that world, a point of view most of the readers can understand easier, so it's also a obvious choice to make him the one who introduces most of the stories to us.
The manga takes place in The Great Game Era (most probably in the 1860s), and now as of the latest arc things have gotten more serious folowing that. For the happiness of some and sadness of others. But there's no way you can please everyone, even a great mangaka like Kaoru Mori. 🙂
I'm loving it as much as I always did, just a little more nervous now, seeing as I've become quite attached to all the characters.

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3:48 pm, Oct 22 2022
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faviroute manga ll time the haqq alwys win

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