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8:02 pm, Mar 28 2011
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I'm looking for any fanfiction ( preferably yaoi but I'll take any gender match up) for
Ouran highschool host club
Fruits baskets
Please help me find some!

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11:35 pm, Mar 28 2011
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Well, I don't read fics from any of those fandoms, but I'm sure you can find something to your liking in FFnet. Just choose two characters you want to read about and there you go. wink

Ouran archive: [url] [url]
Fruits Basket archive: [url][url]
Inuyasha archive: [url][url]

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3:10 am, Jun 4 2014
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For Ouran, there's one called 'Dreaming'; it features the twins. Nice oneshot. It's on FFN, too. You could use the advanced search to find a few good yaois biggrin

Not much of a help but yeah.

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Sly Blue

8:50 am, Jun 4 2014
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You might want to check out Archive of Our Own
It's exactly like FNN. Maybe there are new storied that are posted there and not in FNN.
They also have a very good filter system, like kinks, relationships, and all of that.

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