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New Poll - Offensive Speech

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11:45 am, Oct 30 2021
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I came up with this week's poll. There was some interest in doing a poll related to cancel culture, but I need assistance in what the exact question and the poll options should be.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: I primarily read chapters that are
Old (like reading Naruto and Bleach, which finished many years ago) - votes: 419 (17.5%)
Brand new and just released - votes: 995 (41.6%)
Recent but a bit older (a few months to a year) - votes: 977 (40.9%)
There were 2391 total votes.
The poll ended: October 30th 2021

Pretty good split, I'd say

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12:02 pm, Oct 30 2021
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People should be careful about what they say to avoid offending others. If you think differently than you have never worked in your life and will get in BIG trouble when you do as you will never get a decent job in your lifetime. And good luck with college or an apprenticeship. Rugged individualism is the easiest way to fail your further education. The secret to having a career and money in your account isn´t some merit bullshit about being Da Best in the room. You need to be easy to work it. 110% so. Unless you are rich, own capital, or are at the top. But 1%ers don´t use this site. Don´t spread the pain. Be like Harold instead. Hide it (behind words).
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Heavy weighs the crown on a supervisor like me. Shit is sooo toxic right now due to our head of the sponsoring company who is at the end of their career and thus busy downsizing and punching down. Only a few more months... Ooh child Things are gonna get easier Ooh child Things'll get brighter 😔

Being kind to people will also pay dividends on top of that. Be angry at the system and who made it this shit. Not your fellow Strugglers. Eat the rich, not the poor.

Edit: New Jack City 1991 gave us the word Cancel Culture. Wow. Thx Mario Van Peebles?

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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12:15 pm, Oct 30 2021
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Although I think the object of the poll is important, I have reservations about the choices.
I think both are true.
Not giving offense to others is a part of civil society (emphasis on the civil). No one is going to advance themselves or their agenda -- in the long run -- by being an ass. Though there is admittedly evidence to the contrary.
At the same time it seems to me that a little charity is also sometimes called for from those who are quick to take offense. This is particularly called for when the "offense" isn't clear or understandable to others outside one's own group. An example of what I mean is the declaration of something (like food, for example) as being "cultural appropriation". Maybe the offending party just likes (for example) tacos. Just because you're a member of a particular ethnic or racial group should not mean that you are restricted to what your ancestors did in the past. No body grows by remaining in confinement; minds and lives are best when open to new influences.

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1:58 pm, Oct 30 2021
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Personally I think that neither are true. I have no opinion on what people ‘should’ say, since that’s their choice (unless it crosses the boundary into hate speech, which is illegal in Canada), but they also have to accept the consequences for what they say. If you have the right to make racist, sexist etc. comments, other people have the right to criticize you for it.

Likewise, while sometimes people are more sensitive than I would be about things, I have no right to dictate how sensitive they should be. We don’t all have the same emotions or the same life experiences that would make us feel a certain way about things, and listening to the person and trying to understand their perspective is more valuable IMO than just concluding they’re too sensitive.

Ultimately humans are just really messy. People are going to have different opinions and beliefs and disagree and that’s just how it is. If someone is at least trying to be kind to others I’m generally good with that person.

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5:46 pm, Oct 30 2021
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You should always keep yourself in check, and hold yourself to a high social standard. But at the same time, anyone that isn't taking full 100% responsibility for their own emotions/mental state/whateveryouwannacallit can... suck it.

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7:06 pm, Oct 30 2021
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Warn: Banned

Could I just declare that I'm failing to understand people's responses in relation to the current poll? While I disagree and agree with some of what's said, it's missing the actual question of the poll which is "Should people have the right to be assholes, yes or no?" Personally, my answer is "yes" (People are too easily offended by what others say) because it makes it all that much easier finding out which idiots I should avoid. And, if people are hauled off simple because they say or doing something that offends someone, then how "tolerant" and "free" of a culture are we? It's an all or nothing question.

That's also beside the fact someone, somewhere, is going to get their knickers in a knot regardless, so why give a damn in the first place?

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6:33 am, Oct 31 2021
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Both of these are rather true. People should be a bit more sensitive and careful what they say but at the same time there is too many people that get offended from basically nothing, best yet when it's on behalf of someone who actually doesn't care.

Also, twisting someone's words just so you could act offended is rather offensive as well.

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10:05 am, Oct 31 2021
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I prefer if there was an option of both , but I guess I'll go with "People should be careful about what they say to avoid offending others".

You can always seek people that aren't offended by what you say ,but I think there is no reason to be an ass** with people you aren't acquainted with. In the case someone finds offensive something you think is reasonable you can curtly state your disagreement, no need to say sorry to someone with bad intentions unless you're in danger for it.

Also, using vulgarisms ends up reducing your vocabulary and doesn't even help to state your point, but no one will die for listening them or for someone stating something politically incorrect. But offending someone with them purposely si an entirely different matter...

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5:41 pm, Oct 31 2021
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Both statements are true, of course …but if I'd have to chose one, as being more true…
Yes, there are massive amounts of people, who are bigots arseholes, or who are just arseholes in general. People who either don't care at all, if they insult/offend others, or enjoy doing so. That is certainly a problem.
…but it is even more true that people have a tendency to be way too easily offended.
You have people getting pointlessly offended, by things they shouldn't.
On all sides.

People tend to take any criticism or disagreement, of any kind, any implication that they are not 100% correct or infallible, as a serious and deeply offensive attack on their person. (even though it rarely has anything to do with them, as a person. It could be pointing out a flaw in an argument, a position, a belief, a manga they like… etc)
…and the "attack" doesn't even have to be what the "offensive" person even said/wrote/did, or anything that their statement/action could possibly be interpreted, in any sane way, as having said/meant.

It should be noted that arseholes who tend to say strongly and inexcusably/unjustifiably offensive things, also tend to be extremely sensitive and defensive towards any and all criticism towards themselves. They tend to be very oversensitive, have very fragile egos, which is part of why they feel the need to be so brash and offensive. (it's a way to overcompensate, and appear strong, to hide their weakness from all. Even from themselves, generally)

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Post #793420 - Reply to (#793402) by Cleotis

6:00 pm, Oct 31 2021
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Quote from Cleotis
An example of what I mean is the declaration of something (like food, for example) as being "cultural appropriation".

Whilst cultural appropriation is a real, genuine, and serious issue…
Most things that are claimed to be examples of it, simply aren't.

When white music labels did their best to convince people that rock&roll is white music?
Textbook cultural appropriation.
"Stealing" a cultural thing. Making it seem like you own it, and the people who originally did, don't.

Someone wearing an Native American headdress, without the qualifications/right to it?

Yeah, that's probably appropriation.

Kim Kardashian "creating" a brand of tight figure-emphasizing lingerie, and trying to call it "kimono"? (because "Kim"…)
Gods Below…
That's appropriation, a complete ignorance of kimono, and just generally asinine.

Someone eating foods from a certain culture, not their own? Dressing in a poncho and/or sombrero? Or a kimono? Or something like that?
Not appropriation.
At all.
It is cultural appreciation, and the people of those cultures, tend to invite you to try, and be delighted if/when you do.
In fact, to say that someone can't wear/eat/enjoy those things, based on their ethnicity, is pure racism. It is saying that no peoples/cultures are allowed to interact, exchange, or be inspired/influenced by each other.
Also, doesn't that suggest that people should never learn a Second Language? …and that people shouldn't be allowed to emigrate/immigrate?
(also that westerners mustn't read/watch manga/LNs/anime, of course!)

A non-black person wearing dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are not a black only thing, historically, and there is no evidence that it necessarily originates among black people. Even if that wasn't the case… See above answer concerning clothing.

Post #793421 - Reply to (#793403) by hkanz

6:04 pm, Oct 31 2021
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Having the right to do something, is very different from it being right to do.
Saying that someone should do, or not do, X, or that they should be more/less Y, is not legislating or dictating anything.
As such, your comment is irrelevant and incoherent. (not meant to sound harsh …but it inevitably does)

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Post #793422 - Reply to (#793415) by Joese

6:14 pm, Oct 31 2021
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Quote from Joese
Also, using vulgarisms ends up reducing your vocabulary

This is completely untrue.
A myth with not the faintest shred of any kind of basis in fact or experience.
In fact, the opposite is generally true.
Which makes sense:
How can you have less vocabulary, when you're the one not (completely pointlessly) excluding certain words?
and doesn't even help to state your point

Yes it does. It absolutely does.
Well, it depends on how you use them, of course, but that's true of all words.

Also (as I believe you'd agree):
Not listening to things, because the person included vulgarisms in the statement, is pure idiotic foolishness.
…and being more offended by a statement that contained vulgarisms, than a statement that expresses things that are far more offensive/vile/despicable/immoral (and the statement with vulgarisms, not necessarily expressing anything offensive, or even containing any insults towards you), is not only idiotic foolishness of the highest order, but also deeply immoral.
But offending someone with them purposely si an entirely different matter...

There are many instances where it is quite justified, and constructive, to purposely offend people. Even where it is, frankly, the most moral thing to do.

Post #793423 - Reply to (#793420) by zarlan
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6:21 pm, Oct 31 2021
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Warn: Banned

Quote from zarlan
"Stealing" a cultural thing. Making it seem like you own it, and the people who originally did, don't.

So, the only region that can practice democracy and philosophy is Greece, the only region that can practice medical science and architecture is Egypt, the only region that practice mercantilism and engineering is Italy, the only region that can practice hydroponics and agriculture is Iraq, the only region that can practice military tactics and spirituality is Pakistan, the only region that can practice time-keeping is I need to go on?

To top it off, doesn't that mean I should be ridiculed, hauled off, and executed for the all the masses to enjoy because I (A man who's lineage doesn't have a single drop of Apulian blood, who are descended from the Grecian race) made, baked, and ate a calzone for dinner?

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Post #793431 - Reply to (#793401) by residentgrigo
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10:35 am, Nov 1 2021
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Quote from residentgrigo
People should be careful about what they say to avoid offending others. If you think differently than you have never worked in your life and will get in BIG trouble when you do as you will never get a decent job in your lifetime. And good luck with college or an apprenticeship.

That's just your opinion. Plenty of people don't subscribe to the same views as you or I, but they are doing fine in the world. Iunno, about your company, but I've done legal, business analyst work, and programmer stuff, I'm pretty honest with my opinions and at one place a director came up to me and told me a department manager said "[I] am the most polite young man she has met".
As for college/university, I found that working was a much better environment than university. University people had left their parents for the first time and behaved like large sized children, but with alcohol thrown in the mix.

The context of the question is in relation to the current cancel culture, not general communications. Of course it does not serve much purpose to go around insulting everybody you meet or work along side with, it is in fact much better to approach any relationship with a good demeanor to get the best from people. Even a completely selfish person will realize that diplomacy gets the best results.
So in the context of the current cancel culture - yeah, people are way too easily offended, look at Dave Chapelle a guy that mocks his own tribes/groups and is self deprecating. Cancel culture is nothing but mob mentality + group think on steroids with anonymity thrown in. It used to be that if you disliked something somebody said they you debated with them or ignored them, nowadays it is all about censoring people and getting them fired. It does not matter whether you sit on the extreme left, or the extreme right, if you are advocating for "people should watch what they say or else" then you are welcome to your 1984 fascist society.

I personally avoid social media (don't have accounts) as it is a waste of time and I am not interested in what the masses are getting riled up about because of some proverbial laser pointer. You are better off reading a book, working out, or reading some manga.

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1:50 pm, Nov 1 2021
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Trying not to be an a*****e sounds better to me than expecting others to tolerate me being an a*****e.

Of course there are shades that can't be fully encapsuled by a two-choice poll, but it's disheartening to see that the majority of people who voted think that being respectful is optional.

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