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As a newbie i have some questions

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11:11 am, Jan 23 2022
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Hello everyone
I have questions about some of the BBCodes
What does [b], [u] and [i] mean and how to use them?
Do we have to use the [url] or can we just copy and paste the manga link from this site when answering someone and how does it(the [url]) work?

Thank you

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1:52 pm, Jan 23 2022
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Hi There, Akito

[b] - Bold
[u] - Underline
[i] - Italics

Remove the asterisk* from the following to make it work
You can use it by putting your word between this [b][/b].
For example: [b*]insert text here[/b*] = insert text here

If you're trying to link a manga, you can simply use [m][/m]. [m*]Naruto[/m*] = Naruto

URL works like this [*]Link text here[/url*] = Link text here
or you can just do [url*][/url*] =

If you ever want to practice formatting, there is the [Preview] button next to [Submit Reply] when posting something. I like to press [preview] before I post anything until the formatting is to my liking. Good luck

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6:10 am, Jan 24 2022
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Thank you so much!!

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