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Looking for BL Manhua

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9:37 am, Sep 1 2009
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Hi i was wondering if there are any good yaoi/shounen-ai chinese manhua? The only one i've read was Luo Xue Cheng Bai and i loved it so much and was wondering if there were anymore BL manhua?

Note: Don't mind if they were raw but preferably any scanlated ones?

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Madame Red

11:33 am, Sep 1 2009
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Fire King

not pure BL but these are all i could find^^

you can search yourself by the help of this~~

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1:46 am, May 6 2011
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you can try "feng yu jiu tian" it's scanlated smile

you can also try these (but I don't know if they're scanlated);

Lang Dang Jiang Hu side story ~ Chun man shen xian gu
Author: XuCi

San qi si qie zhi Mei ren tu
Author: YanXueXue

Ta xue xun mei zhi Xing qin ji
Author: MuYuLingYin

Zhu zi side story ~ Jin ye you ci ke
Author: FengNong

Shuang Jue side story ~ Spring Dreams
Author: LengYin

Bai gong zi side story ~ Jun xin si wo
Author: Xiao

...ok, so there's too many titles and I'm exhausted. just send me a message and I'll give the full list eyes

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