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Ahhh Some Revenge Cheating Romance Manga

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6:38 pm, Mar 15 2017
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So I am looking for a manga for which I dont remember the name of the characters or name of the manga Obv lol.

What I can explain:
This is more of a love square type of manga.

Its about these four about high-school characters, 2 pairs of couples. The girl is with a glasses dude and the Guy is with a shy small girl. The main to people, the girl and guy are best friends that get along very well if I remember.
One day after school, The two characters are heading over to the classroom, in which they meet their other halves. But when they reached the door, they saw their other halves kissing each other leaving the girl shocked while the guy knew that they were doing this types of things.
Then the Guy suggested to his best friend, the girl, that they go out to get revenge on them and she agreed.
Then they found out that the other halves were actually faking it to make the other jealous.
I also remember a scene where he gave her a kiss mark and saying that he would do her before it would disappear but he didn't so rip. Or something like that. I know they gave each other marks to either make the other jealous or the whatever.


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8:42 pm, Mar 15 2017
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Nisekoi Doumei

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4:05 am, Mar 16 2017
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Yesss that's it ahhhh thanks you much!

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